1st Short Story in the Sailing with Mystery anthology

featuring Isabella Newcombe Tarrant from the Into Death series.

Aboard the Passenger Ship Nomadic

A short story mystery featuring Isabella Newcombe Tarrant from the Into Death series.

Blackmail threatens a young bride when her secret diary is stolen. Her marriage of convenience is threatened if the contents are revealed to her new husband and his autocratic mother.

Can Isabella recover the diary before the bride loses all hope?

Sailing With Mystery ~
Travel presents opportunities to meet new friends and see new places. Isabella also encounters puzzling crimes and dangerous intrigue as she sails from England to India.

The next short story is “Purple Poison”.

Link for Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C1YG2J6Q

Link to Wide Distribution ~ Books2Read https://books2read.com/u/3yWAAl

In discussing with the covers with Kim, the design project manager at Deranged Doctor Design, we decided to avoid the problem with so few accurate images from 1921. Instead, we chose to emphasize the protagonist Isabella’s art with five watercolor images. Finding similar images became the next design challenge. We hope that the ones we have picked not only represent Isabella’s venture into watercolors but also the atmosphere and settings for the story.

The “Amber Dreams” cover represents the rocky coasts that Isabella would have seen along the French and Spanish coastlines.

The primary cover harks to Isabella standing to one side of the image. The ocean and the railing of the ship evoke where she is while the tumultuous sky echoes the mysteries she encounters while aboard the passenger ship.


The Into Death series:

Digging into Death ~ Love and murder on an archaeological dig. Has the love of her life beguiled Isabella straight into death?

Christmas with Death ~ An English country manor offers Christmas merriment, miracles, and murder. Will Isabella be the next victim?

Portrait with Death ~ When murder paints with blood, will Isabella and her new friend Flick discover that the murderer? Or will the murderer stop them?

View M.A. Lee’s page on this site (click the link above) for more information about the Into Death series and to find links to the three novels and a bundle of the first three novels.

Spring is bursting forth,

birds are twittering around,

… and allergies have started.

Time for the April Book Birthdays!

photo by Magnus Manske, from Creative Commons

Celebrate! And discover more with one click!

On April 1st ~ Writing Craft!

Discovering Your Writing. Characters. Plot. Branding. Sentence Craft. A ready-reference to build your writing career.

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April 5 ~ Fantasy!

The bundled series Spells of Air. Elemental magic. Dangerous Dark Fae allies. Treacherous shape-shifted. A twisted sorceress.

Find it here.

April 9 ~ Traditional Regency Mystery

The Dangers to Hearts

What can possibly go wrong in an idyll?

Arson uncovers a decade-old murder. Agatha’s vanished fiancé didn’t abandon her; someone murdered him.

Troubles past and present swirl around destructive hatred in this twisty romantic mystery.

Explore here and purchase here.

April 30 ~ Another Traditional Regency Mystery … with a bit of suspense!

The Hazard for Spies ~ Disguised to Spy.

A young constable tracks treacherous traitors. A spinster hopes to find a killer. Will murder destroy their chance for love?

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Conrad and Phinney
Cover by Deranged Doctor Design

A Spring Writing Challenge / from 2021 / Offered by The Write Focus Podcast.

Daily entries to inspire you to Write a Book in a Month, by Remi Black.

Daily check-ins include the project stage progressing word count as well as speculations on writing in general and the writing business in particular.

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Criteria for the Challenge ::

1] Daily Word Count

2] Length to Goal

3] Reason for the Goal


Each of these daily episodes runs less than 10 minutes. Listen briefly every day or hoard up several episodes for when you fix a quick dinner, drive a short commute, or take a brisk walk.

Lessons for writing happen along the way!

Each episode from April 2021 will conclude with the two quotations from professional writers (Hemingway! Heinlein! Atwood! More!!!) that opened and closed a day’s writing session for Remi Black.

We’re currently in Season 5, in a Defeat Writer’s Block series, on Episode 5:08, so you will have to search to find these entries.

Episodes ::

March 31 :: Introduction and Writing Wonderland. It’s Episode 2:14. :: listen to the audio on Podbean here.

April 1 :: No Fooling / 2:15

April 2 :: Change of Plans / 2:16

April 3 :: Stick with the Plan / 2:17

April 4 :: Nix Distractions / 2:18

April 5 :: Watch for Warnings / 2:19

April 6 :: Life Rolls / 2:20

April 7 :: Win-Lose-Wind / 2:21

April 8 :: Critical vs. Creative / 2:22

April 9 :: Eat the Frog First / 2:23

April 10 :: The Tax Man Cometh / 2:24

April 11 :: Cocoons / 2:25

April 12 :: Six Words Short / 2:26

April 13 :: Wonders Never Cease / 2:27

April 14 :: One Project, Two Project / 2:28

April 15 :: Promotions / 2:29

April 16 :: Covers / 2:30

April 17 :: Frittery Jittery / 2:31

April 18 :: Flipping Out / 2:32

April 19 :: Input / Output / 2:33

April 20 :: Looking Ahead / 2:34

April 21 :: Short Post / 2:35

April 22 :: Biz Monday / 2:36

April 23 :: Master Book / 2:37

April 24 :: Expect the Unexpected / 2:38

April 25 :: Carpe Diem as Writers / 2:39

April 26 :: Nose to the Grindstone / 2:40

April 27 :: Writers’ Groups / 2:41

April 28 :: First Celebration / 2:42

April 29 :: Writers Conferences / 2:43

April 30 :: An End that’s Not an End and Lessons List / 2:44

 May 5th :: Aprés-Draft Update / 2:45


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Also mentioned in the first 10 episodes (March 31 to April 5) ~

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