Fae Mark’d World ~

On a mission for the Wizard Enclave, Orielle ventures into the Wilding, a strange frontier filled with magical creatures. There she discovers sprites and wraiths, gobbers and wyre.

All view her as prey.

Never adept with magic, she allies with Grim, a swordsman who wields elemental power. With him as guide and guard, she heads for Iscleft Haven, hoping to renew the alliance between the Enclave and the Haven.

But a wyre pack pursues them. The wolf shifters are thralls of a sorceress, an enemy of the Enclave. Her foul sorcery enables them to transform without the pull of the Moon. And the sorceress steals gobbers from Lady Bone, a Dark Fae creature called a Crygy, queen of the Wild Hunt, whose riders neither live nor die.

Can Orielle and Grim reach the Haven without falling to the wyre and the gobbers? Or must they bind themselves to Lady Bone and ride the Wild Hunt as the newly chosen of a Crygy?

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