On this day in 2017, M.A. Lee published The Dangers to Hearts, a continuation of Jess Carter’s story.

Jess Carter was introduced in the first book of the Hearts in Hazard series, A Game of Secrets.

Thwarted by love in A Game of Secrets, what will block his love for Agatha in The Dangers to Hearts?

Will arson destroy their love? Or will a death from a decade before?

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13 Steps for Creative Dancing Joy is one of the first sections in Just Start Writing.

Read the first step here.

Writing can be an “Alice in Wonderland” journey.

Story ideas are not a great mystery.  Here’s a snippet about inspiration.

To succeed, keep your lover close and your writing closer. 😉 

Inspiration 4 Writers is a three-part series.

M.A. Lee takes the lead with Just Start Writing, followed by Remi Black’s challenge Write a Book in a Month and Edie Roones’ Enter the Writing Business.

Write a Book in a Month releases on Feb. 15.

Enter the Writing Business releases on Feb. 22.