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Sailing into Mystery :: Short Stories with Isabella Newcombe
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Newest Release with Edie Roones

Visit Edie Roones’ page on this site to discover M’s collaboration with Edie, a fusion of the legends of Robin Hoods and the dangerous Faeries of British myth ~ Wild Sherwood

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Newest Release by only M.A. Lee ~ The Dark Lord

~ Regency England ~ the Northern Moors ~

cover by Deranged Doctor Design

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as ghosts.

Tell that to the two ghosts haunting Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Fortescue comes to Feldstone Grange seeking the position of housekeeper. She expects the Baron Harcourt to claim she’s too young and pretty for the position, even though she’s qualified and has excellent references.

Yet the baron is desperate to hire someone, having lost five housekeepers over the past six months. He doesn’t know what drove them away.

On her first night at the Grange, Elizabeth encounters two ghosts. One is the well-known Silent Lady; none of the servants know anything about the other ghost.

Over the next week, her connection with Lord Harcourt becomes more than servant to employer. She likes her position and her employer. He also appears to like her, wanting to meet with her daily.

One ghost, though, persists in its haunting of her, enticing her to follow it.

Is it a real ghost? Is a fellow servant attempting to terrify her? Or does someone have a wicked reason to haunt the new housekeeper?

Elizabeth doesn’t know the answer—but she has more incentive to stay than leave.

Will she remain at the Grange? Or will the second ghost’s increasing hauntings drive her away?

Or lead her into death?

The Dark Lord is the first in a series of paranormal novellas from M.A. Lee, who writes historical mysteries and suspense with a dash of romance.

This novella is first in the Miss Beale Writes series.

They are best described as vintage gothics.

Look for the next novella in the Miss Beale Writes series,

entitled The Captive in Green.

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Set in London, 1922 ~ The Lion’s Den

Jack Portman had never forgotten Filly Malvaise.

Then she walked into his pub and into the clutches of a loan shark.

Can he rescue her before she falls victim to evil?

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The Hearts in Hazard series

M A Lee’s Hearts in Hazard

All Hearts in Hazard books are available in ebook and paperback forms. The 12-book series is available from multiple online retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and more. Click here for the wide distribution of the most recent HnH book, The Hazard with Hearts.

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The Key Guys in the Hearts in Hazard series, books 7, 8, and 9

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Listen to the audio of the 1st chapter at this link, available on 9/18.

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Into Death

3rd in the 1920s Series featuring the artist Isabella Newcombe

Just Released! Portrait with Death

When Murder Paints with Blood


The first in the Into Death series: Digging into Death  . View the Trailer here or below and purchase here.

The 2nd in the series:  Find CHRISTMAS WITH DEATH here.

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M.A. Lee’s NonFiction

Find all of M.A. Lee’s nonfiction, including the Think like a Pro Writer series (up to 8 books) on the Writers Ink Nonfiction website, at this link: