Happy New Year! Let’s start 2021 with a freebie.

We have the first scene in the novella The Lion’s Den, set in London after the Great War. It’s from M.A. Lee, which means it’s a mystery!

Here’s the Teaser:

Jack Portman had never forgotten Filly Malvaise. Then she walked into his local pub and into the clutches of a loan shark. Can he rescue her before she falls victim to evil?

Listen to the excerpt on Podbean or YouTube. It’s less than 15 minutes.

The Lion’s Den is connected by a single thread to the Into Death series, which features the artist Isabella Newcombe. Jack and Filly first appeared in the mystery Christmas with Death.

Click here if you’re curious about the first Into Death book, Digging into Death.  (It’s a trailer!) Purchase it here.

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At the first of the year–and the end of the year–M.A. Lee always promotes the Think/Pro Planner for Writers. The planner offers daily incentives to track word counts and a project’s progression, with monthly and yearly reviews and previews to keep us advancing toward our publication goals.


Start the New Year with a novella by M.A. Lee

The Lion’s Den

Jack Portman had never forgotten Filly Malvaise.

Then she walked into the his local pub and into the clutches of a loan shark.

Can he rescue her before she falls victim to evil?

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We’ve started a tour of the guidebook Think like a Pro: New Advent for Writers, our first nonfiction books.

The podcasting episodes on Podbean start with the introduction at this link.  By the end of the year, we will have covered Deadlines (two parts) and Daily Writing.

In January, we cover Plot It, the foundational decision of all writing. So far, that’s two parts as well–although the first episode for Plot It, on Dec. 30, ran well over 20 minutes.

We try to keep the podcasts short: time to cook a quick dinner, drive a short commute, or take a brisk walk.

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What’s In a Name?


Shakespeare may have claimed that “a rose by any other word would smell as sweet”. And we know that’s true for skunks … and cooked cabbage.

Yet Shakespeare proved that claim incorrect. His character Tybalt did care that a Montague had attended the Capulet banquet. He was furious that a Montague danced with his cousin Juliet. For that very reason, he challenged Romeo to a duel … and the tragedy rolled from there.

For writers ~

Names are The Most Important Writing Tool.

The Write Focus has three episodes discussing the importance of selecting names.

Episode One, aired on Nov. 11, offers brainstorming techniques and considerations when creatives select names.

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Episode Two, aired on Nov. 18, explores Pen Names.

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Episode Three, aired today / Nov. 25, presents quick considerations with character names and picking titles for books & series.

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