Welcome to A Trio of Dangers

hazardous mysteries blended with historical romance.

Amateur sleuths solve Hazardous Mysteries in A Trio of Dangers, a collection of three novels set in Regency England.

A serial killer stalks the idyllic countryside.

A vindictive French spy-catcher seeks the double agent who escaped him a decade ago.

A past murder comes to light during an arson.


The Dangers of Secrets

A baffling murder interrupts a charming romance in The Danger of Secrets.

Maddy Whittaker encounters secrets of family, secrets of the heart, and secrets of blood and pain, all served up for Valentine’s Day. Her flirtation with Gordon, Lord Musgrove, is a pleasant distraction.

Too bad for Maddy and Gordon that secrets can kill.


The Dangers for Spies

A cunning killer hunts the spies who escaped him.

Eugenie DesChamps wants nothing more than her paintings, her friendships in a bucolic English village, and her flirtation with Charles Audley. She wants to forget her past life as a double agent working for England.

The past is never forgotten. Tor the French spy who tried to kill her discovers her when he tracks down the English cryptographer Charles Audley.

Blood will be spilled before the past is purged


The Dangers to Hearts

Arson uncovers a baffling murder from the past.

Agatha’s lover abandoned her a decade ago. Jess Carter barely escaped arrest for smuggling. Neither expects romance.

Then hatred burns into a fire in the night. The arson reveals an old murder. The vanished fiancé didn’t leave—he was murdered.

Who is the arsonist? Who is the murderer? Are they the same person? Or two separate people poisoned by hatred?

Will Agatha and Jess be destroyed before they can find love together?

Enjoy A Trio of Dangers.

Available ebook and paperback from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CTP5G7R

Also available at online distributors worldwide, like Kobo and Barnes & Noble. Link to come.


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