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Newest Release ~ Into Wild Sherwood

Cover by Deranged Doctor Design

The anthology of five short stories fusing the legends of Robin Hood and the faeries of British myth.

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“Tod the Fox and the Faeries in the Ring”

Cover by Emily Dunn
Never enter a Faerie Ring. The Faeries like to play.

Tod was the tumbler in his family’s minstrel troupe. Then one market day in Nottingham, the guards arrested Pa. Everything fell apart.

With the guards now after him, Tod escapes to wild Sherwood Forest. There he meets the dangerous Faeries in the Ring.

Faeries play with their catch, whether in the Ring or on the Wild Hunt.

How can he escape them?

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“The Poisoner and the Faerie Huntsman”

cover by Emily Dunn
Never reveal weakness to a Faerie.

Escaping a false accusation of poisoning, Melly and her hound seek refuge in Sherwood Forest ~ yet the Nottingham guard who accused her is on her trail.

That night, she encounters the black hounds of the Wild Hunt. Then the Hunstman arrives.

Has she fallen into greater trouble?

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Cover by Emily Dunn

“Three Yule Feasts for Faeries”

Will the cook become the final dish?

Yule, the worst time of year for Ellen Best. Few buy her breads at Market. No one will hire her for their Winter Feast.

Then a Faerie knocks at her door. Two dinners, he proposes, and a final feast for his duchess. After each, she’ll receive three purses, copper and silver and gold.

What did the Faerie mean by final feast?

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cover by Emily Dunn

“Friar Tuck and the Faerie at the Pool”

No one escapes from Faeries.

After visiting the hermit of Sherwood, Friar Tuck seeks the coolness of a forest pool. There he encounters a Faerie.

She is wondrous and strange and deadly. How can he convince her that he is a man of peace, unlike the guards and rangers who hunt in the forest?

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“Alan-a-Dale and the Harp of Elandrielle”

Who can trust a Faerie?

The song competition at Nottingham’s Winter Feast offers a purse that will pay Alan-a-Dale’s debts. He wins the first night’s round … offending his competitors who take revenge.

At his lowest point, a Faerie finds him. She offers him a bargain—yet who can trust a Faerie?

cover by Emily Dunn

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Purchase of this individual story will be available on May 19.

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Both Edie Roones and M.A. Lee love to mix fantasy with history.

Edie’s newest endeavor combines the legends of Robin Hood with dangerous Faeries. M. is a multi-published writer of historical mysteries and suspense. Her love of fantasy led to this collaboration.

These short stories are only the first entries in the Wild Sherwood series.

If you love the historical legends surrounding Robin Hood and you’re intrigued by dangerous Faeries, then explore the world of Wild Sherwood. The next short story will be “The Poisoner and the Faerie Huntsman”.

Edie is also working on the last novel in the Seasons in Sansward quarternary, which began with Summer Sieges. Book 2 is Autumn Spells; Bk.3 is Winter Sorcery.

After completing her 12-book Hearts in Hazard series of loosely connected Regency Mysteries, M.’s most recent release is Portrait with Death, third entry in the Into Death series. She’s currently poking her pen into gothic mysteries with the just-released The Dark Lord.



Seasons in Sansward

Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Set in a Medieval World


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Spring Magicks
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United to kill the oppressor. Frenc swords and mages.

The book that starts the series ~ Summer Sieges

Can Beren survive a journey through the Shadow Path and battle with the Watrani and their allies the Gitane Witches?  Or will she discover that the road to death is littered with people who chose honor over life?

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