Seasons in Sansward

Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Set in a Medieval World


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United to kill the oppressor. Frenc swords and mages.


Newest Release, book 3 ~ Winter Sorcery.

Witchery spells and devious traps, two Frenc spies, a vile Gitane, and a half-trained mage fill this suspenseful tale across the frozen waste of Arlas.

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Book 2 ~ Autumn Spells

Dark spells threaten a mage named Saisha and the bastard swordsman Hethan. Only a special magic will defeat wraith-making sorcery in Autumn Spells.

Available at this link.


The book that starts the series ~ Summer Sieges

Can Beren survive a journey through the Shadow Path and battle with the Watrani and their allies the Gitane Witches?  Or will she discover that the road to death is littered with people who chose honor over life?

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map of Sansward

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