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2021 is a busy, busy year for Writers Ink Books.

Coming in August

Tangled Spells
103% Complete
723 of 700 pages
Epic Fantasy. Dark Sorcery. Twisted Magic. Enslaved Shapeshifters. Corrupted Leaders. Welcome to the epic Fae Mark’d Wizard series, bundled as Tangled Spells. Preorder for August 18. Individual books available now. (The bundle costs less!) What is Tangled Spells? Book 1: Weave a Wizardry Web 2: Dream a Deadly Dream 3: Sing a Graveyard Song

Current Writing

Spells of Earth :: bk 1 The Wyrded Forest
18% Complete
5,000 of 28,000 words
The Spells of Earth trilogy of novellas will follow Desora. and Brax. Maybe Lord Horst, a Kyrgy. Definitely not Maorn Harte. Already shapeshifting wyre have appeared. Sprites! And a mysterious monster hidden by an amorphous cloud. Gobbers next!. This information may change. It is a Work in Progress! Bk 1 = The Wyrded Forest Bk 2 = The Riven Gate Bk 3 = The Mysts of Sorcery

Publishing in July

Portrait with Death
42% Complete
38,000 of 90,000 words
A British public school. A former soldier haunted by the trenches of the Great War. A lady who only acts like a lady. A photographer. Three fishermen. A headmaster. A medic. A pub owner and his wife. And more. Who committed the murder? Can Isabella find the answer? Or will a murderer paint with more blood?


Published in April ~ Spells of Air

by Remi Black


View the trailer at this link: https://youtu.be/PqjouEJtbjY

Fetch it here:

Also published in 2021:

Spells of Air book 2 :: To Charm the Wind and book 3 :: To Curse the Wyre / February and March

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M. A. Lee ~ cozy mysteries with a dash of romance

The Into Death series ~ cozy mysteries, similar to Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney, Dorothy Eden, and Mignon Eberhart.

The Into Death novels are set in the 1920s.

The Hearts in Hazard Series ~ English Regency mysteries and romantic suspense.

Newest Release from M.A. Lee! The Lion’s Den

The Lion’s Den – Kindle edition by Lee, M.A.. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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Edie Roones ~ Sansward / Fantasy in an Medieval World


The Seasons in Sansward Quarternary

  • Summer Sieges ~ published August 2015
  • Autumn Spells ~ published November 2016
  • Winter Sorcery ~ newest release!
  • coming next ~ Spring Magicks

short story “A Matter of Trust”, originally published in 1992

Check out the Edie Roones page on this website for more information.

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Remi Black ~ Fae Mark’d

released March 2018
Fae Mark’d Wizard
  • 2017 :: Weave a Wizardry Web
  • 2018 :: Dream a Deadly Dream
  • 2018 :: Sing a Graveyard Song
  • Next books, coming soon :: Wield a Fae-Sharpened Sword / Quench a Dragon’s Fire / Dance to Bone-Edged Music 
Fae Mark’d World 

Spells of Air :: To Wield the Wind

part 2 >> To Charm the Air

part 3 >> To Curse the Wyre

Just Released! >> the bundled trilogy Spells of Air.

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Writers Ink Nonfiction

Write. Learn. Live.

  • Write ~ includes everything related to our Think like a Pro Writer series.
      1. Think like a Pro ~ 7 habits to cultivate
      2. Think / Pro: A Planner for Writers
      3. Old Geeky Greeks ~ Write Stories using Ancient Techniques
      4. Discovering Your Novel ~ write a novel in a year
      5. Discovering Characters
      6. Discovering Your Plot
      7. Discovering Your Author Brand
      8. Discovering Sentence Craft
      9. Discovering Your Writing ~ the Discovering books 5, 6, 7, & 8 bundled to help your travels in your epic writing journey.
      10. Just Start Writing ~ Inspiration 4 Writers 1 / M.A. Lee
      11. Write a Book in a Month ~ Inspiration 4 Writers 2 / Remi Black
      12. Enter the Writing Business ~ Inspiration 4 Writers 3 / Edie Roones


  • Learn ~ a few side tangents from the writing and living pages. ~ The Blog. Currently on Poetry, Writing Techniques, and the New podcast :: theWriteFocus


  • Live ~ planners to improve the four parts of life: body, mind, heart, and soul.

2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle :: intermittent fasting and more.

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