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Based in the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia and East Tennessee, I am an indie writer with the mountains in my blood.

For the genres I love, I have three pseudonyms:  M.A. Lee for historical mysteries and suspense, Edie Roones for fantasies in an alternate medieval world, and Remi Black for fantasies in an alternate Renaissance world.

Current Writing

The Hazard for Spies
0% Complete
150 of 55,000 words
Disguised spies, disguised motives: When the masks are removed, will the truth be revealed? Or will murder result?

Writers Ink Books offers Mystery, Suspense, and Fantasy

M. A. Lee ~ cozy mysteries with a dash of romance

The Into Death series ~ cozy mysteries, similar to Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney, Dorothy Eden, and Mignon Eberhart.  The Into Death novels are set in the 1920s.

The Hearts in Hazard Series ~ English Regency mysteries and romantic suspense.

Check out the M. A. Lee page on this website for more information.

Edie Roones ~ fantasy in a medieval universe

“A Matter of Trust”, short story

The Seasons in Sansward Quarternary

  • Summer Sieges ~ published August 2015
  • Autumn Spells ~ published November 2016
  • Winter Sorcery ~ published April 2018
  • coming next ~ Spring Magicks

Check out the Edie Roones page on this website for more information.

Remi Black ~ fantasy in a Renaissance universe

released March 2018

Summer 2017 :: Weave a Wizardry Web

Autumn 2018 :: Dream a Deadly Dream

Winter 2018 :: Sing a Graveyard Song

Spring 2019 :: To Wield the Wind > > Enclave World 1 > > next books: To Charm the Air / To Curse the Wyre

Next books, coming soon :: Wield a Fae-Sharpened Sword / Kindle a Dragon’s Fire / Dance to Bone-Edged Music 

Six books are projected in the Enclave sequence. The Enclave World books are novellas.

Check out Remi Black’s page on this website for more information.

And since these 3 pseudonyms are apparently not enough,

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Current Writing

Discovering Your Plot / Book 6 / Think like a Pro Writer
40% Complete
12,000 of 30,000 words
Discovering Your Plot ~ Book 6 in the Think like a Pro Writer series. You've got lots of scenes, a great beginning, a stupendous ending--but how do you put all the pieces together for a coherent story? Some writers talk Beats, some talk Acts, but what will help you see Your Plot?

And who is the crazy lady writing all this?

Emily R. Dunn.  I held off on my dream and finally leaped toward it in 2013, thanks to the Kindle Revolution.  I published my first books in 2015, and I haven’t looked back. Use the winkbooks@aol.com email for questions, comments, and speculations.