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To Curse the Wyre

part 3 of the Spells of Air trilogy of novellas

Hunter. Hunted. Who is who?

The sorceress and her servants, the shifter wyre, seek to destroy Orielle’s allies in the Wilding. Orielle has gathered Dark Fae and Rhoghieri to defeat them.

She rides with the Dark Fae Lord Skull and Lady Bone—but can she trust them?

Part 2 / Spells of Air / Released in January

When Haven isn’t a Sanctuary—

When the untried wizard Orielle enters the Wilding on her journey to Iscleft Haven, she expects threats from bears and mountain lions, vipers and hornets.

She certainly doesn’t expect the creatures of legend: wraiths and gobbers, shape-shifting wyre, and the Dark Fae called the Kyrgy.

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To Wield the Wind

part 1 of the Spells of Air trilogy

On a mission for the Wizard Enclave, Orielle ventures into the Wilding, a strange frontier filled with magical creatures. There she discovers sprites and wraiths, gobbers and wyre.

All view her as prey.


Fae Mark’d

Dark Fantasy

“Wizard against sorcerer.  Fae against dragon.  Wyre against Rhoghieri.” 

In the recently-revived war between wizards and sorcerers, the Enclave wizards enlist the aid of Rhoghieri, wielders of the four base elements who live in Havens.  The sorcerers have enslaved wyre, animal shifters who became outcasts when the wizards declared them anathema.

The Faeron, who withdrew when the dragons were defeated and nearly extinguished from the world, have returned to an uneasy alliance with the wizards—for the dragons did not die out centuries ago.  Those nearly-mythic creatures are searching for a way to return so they can wreck vengeance on the Faeron and the wizards who exiled them.

Fae Mark’d Wizard ~ featuring the wizard Alstera

First three novels in the Fae Mark’d Wizard

Weave a Wizardry Web ~ available now

Dream a Deadly Dream ~ available now

Sing a Graveyard Song ~ available now

Coming:  Kindle a Fae’s Wrath (at the very rough stage)

and Quench a Dragon’s Fire and Dance to Bone-Edged Music (little more than vague ideas)

Wizard Enclave Basic Infocan be found at this link.

 The first book in the Fae Mark’d Wizard series, available exclusively on Amazon

Fae Mark’d World

Stories in the Works

Spells of Air featuring Orielle and Grim

1st book To Wield the Wind  published! Click for info.

2nd Book: To Charm the Wind (see progress chart above)

3rd Book: To Curse the Wyre (coming soon)

Spells of Water featuring Inkeri and the baron Bois d’Argent

1st: A Torrent of Evil (idea stage)

2nd Book: A Storm of Spells (idea stage)

3rd Book: A Rage of Sorcery (idea stage)


Calendar and Times

Year 635
11-Month Year

The months are 32 days, with each week having eight days.

  • Deep Winter
  • Winter’s End
  • First Growth, with the Vernal Equinox on the 24th, which is Knight’s Night (day 88 of the year)
  • Spring
  • Blooming
  • Best Summer, with the Summer Solstice on the 16th, which is Lady’s Night (the so-called Lady’s Day) (day 176 of the year)
  • High Summer
  • Harvest
  • Leaf-Turn, with the Brumal Equinox on the8th, which is Knave’s Night (day 264 of the year)
  • Leaf Gone
  • First Winter
8 Moon Phases through a Single Month
  • On the 4th = Worm Moon
  • On the 8th = Knave Moon (first quarter)
  • On the 12th = Horn Moon
  • On the 16th = Lady’s Moon. Lady’s Moon, sometimes called Lady’s Night, is the central night of the three for the full moon.  The preceding night is Maiden’s Night.  The following night is Crone’s Night.
  • On the 20th = Womb Moon
  • On the 24th = Knight’s Moon (last quarter)
  • On the 28th = Saber Moon
  • On the 32nd = Dragon Moon (new moon)
8 Days in a Week
  • Sunnes (Sun)
  • Sturmen (Storm)
  • Boltka (Kobolt)
  • Orthe (Earth)
  • Luftein (Air)
  • Vattein (Water)
  • Brandt (Fire)
  • Moones (Moon)
22 Hours in each Day
  • Daggy (dawn) is the 5th Bell
  • Sunring (sunrise) is the 6th Bell
  • Middag (midday) is the 11th Bell
  • Fyraften (sunset, end of day) is the 15th Bell
  • Kvaeld is evening (16th Bell)
  • Mulm is full dark (17th Bell)
  • Tus-morke (after full dark, “lights out” for most) (18th Bell)
  • Sidste is the last bell (22nd Bell), equivalent to midnight
  • 1st Bell that coincides to 1 a.m. is Forst
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Spells of Air

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