Snail Speed in Summer

Hi all! It’s Summertime. Is your living easy?

My summer living is better than this past spring when I had a lingering sickness for a solid month which continued as the doldrums until mid-May.

Needless to say, my writing schedule exploded and rained the fragments upon me.

publications to announce for Summer

Even with all of the problems, the ideas never stopped, just the time and energy for the writing of those ideas. Here’s what has developed —

Sailing with Mystery ~ a short story collection that follows artist Isabella Newcombe Tarrant on her ocean voyage from England. She sails on a passenger ship to join her husband Madoc in India.

Four of the five stories are currently available in e-book.

“Amber Dreams” ~ Blackmail threatens a young bride. Can Isabella recover a stolen diary before the bride loses all hope?

“Purple Poison” ~ Poison pen letters filled with vicious invective attack the passengers on the ship Nomadic. Will Isabella discover the culprit before tragedy occurs?

“Black Heart” ~ A trickster targets the passengers aboard ship. When one prank causes injury, can Isabella locate the trickster before the next mishap turns deadly?

“Silver Web” ~ Accusations fly when passengers discover a jewel thief at work. When the thief dies, proof of theft in his hand, will Isabella locate his accomplice and the missing jewelry before they reach the next port?

Here are links to the first story.

Worldwide Distribution:



The fifth and final story for Summer is “Red Mask”.

Isabella receives a disturbing letter—only for it to be stolen before she deciphers it. The letter claims that a spy is aboard, but is that the only person hiding their true identity on the passenger ship?

. ~. ~ . ~ .

Sailing with Mystery, the collection, will publish very soon after the final short story. The ebook will be up very quickly, with the paperback and the audiobook in the following weeks.


After Summer Fun, Autumn Mystery

These short stories injected themselves, wholly unexpectedly, into my writing schedule. I thought I waved goodbye to Isabella when I published Portrait with Death. Imagine my surprise when she demanded this ocean voyage while my writing brain was telling me to write something else.

That something else is the next novella in the series Miss Beale Writes: a Touch of Mystery, a Touch of Gothic, a Touch of Romance.

The Bride in Ghostly White is a Victorian gothic, and I can’t wait to see this mystery develop.

The Bride will pair with The Dark Lord, which came out in Winter 2022.

Following in the Miss Beale Writes series are medieval / renaissance and cavalier / Georgian novella.

All of these stories will definitely keep me busy.

And that’s a good thing!


Visit the Writers’ Ink website ~ or for updates about the publication of “Red Mask” and Sailing with Mystery.

Survive the Heat!

M.A. Lee

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