What’s your plan for the coming year?

Resolutions are more than a Wish List. They’re the plan that gives us guidance.

Looking Back at Previous Resolutions

In 2019 Writers Ink Books stopped procrastinating, followed one of the January 1 a plan for the yearresolutions,  and registered copyright for all 30-plus books.

While we know Copyright Law says everything is protected from the moment of publication, in this world of shysters stealing people’s books, it’s essential to have officially registered copyright.

In total, W.Ink has published 30-plus books.

Looking Forward at New Resolutions

2020 will see a lot of changes for Writers Ink. It’s all part of a new business plan tied to updated resolutions. Will the plan cover five years? Three years? That’s a decision still up in the air.

Website Changes

One change has already happened. The old Writers Ink Services website has come down; this new Writers Ink Nonfiction site is starting completely new. This is part of the resolutions to focus all writing. One way is to split nonfiction from fiction.

Another website may open up relatively soon–this is another way to focus writing, fulfilling the resolutions. Announcements for this site will occur here. Don’t get excited; the individual writers will keep their Blogger sites.

W.Ink may take down the old WIB site and start anew–or just re-vamp every page and link.

WIB now has an SSL certificate–although no plans for selling online are in the works. An SSL certificate is necessary to drive traffic to this site. Otherwise, the search engines refuse to look at it. We’re still waiting on information about the SSL for W.Ink Nonfiction.

What else?

Well, a couple of other changes to the Biz Model are slowly grinding forward. One has to do with the potential new website. The other has to do with a completely new writing space.

The previous Biz Plan is slowly grinding down. (New Biz Plan always take into account the old Biz Plan.)

All books will gradually go wide over the course of 2020 and 2021.

M.A. Lee

This year will see the entire Hearts in Hazard series by M.A. Lee completed and in paperback, a dreamed reality in the works since our 2013 beginning, with the official biz date of 2015. Turning the HnH series into paperbacks will be a summer-long venture.

M.A. Lee’s series Into Death will finish and go into paperback as well, hopefully in May.

February will see more writing how-to books, with the Discovering set turning into a bundle during March.

Remi Black

cover for next Remi BlackRemi Black’s Enclave World is a new direction for the Enclave series, an offshoot of the main series. Both series are on-going. New branding will occur to match the tighter focus.

Look for To Charm the Wind and To Curse the Wyre to bundle up with To Wield the Wind as Spells of Air.

The main Enclave series will pick up with the next Alstera book in 2021.
Edie Roones
Edie Roones still has plans to finish the Seasons in Sansward series in 2020. More new branding will occur here.

Summing Up

None of the W.Ink writers is close to achieving the Discoverability number of 25 to 30. Resolutions for all the W.Ink writers have that as #1 for the new Biz Plan.

Life is good!

Where will your dreamed reality take you?

Contact us at winkbooks@aol.com. We check that every Monday and spend the rest of our spare time Writing.

Here’s a lovely reward pix about My Writing Life.

I’m late posting it ~ 

as I was late all through November.

emailed badge from NaNo

Lots of disruptions and distractions to my Writing Life in November, but I managed to work through a non-fiction project that I’ll publish early in 2020. It’s actually a combo project :: three things coming together as one.

Nonfiction because I had no brain for creative work even though I have fiction hanging over me. Still, some things get done, other things percolate a while longer ~ as long as I’m not making bailiff coffee.

Do you know what “bailiff coffee” is?  It’s the coffee that bailiffs make for jurors, thick

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enough to keep a spoon upright, strong enough to keep everyone thinking, caffeinated enough to keep everyone determined to do the job so we could get out of there (which means reaching the consensus that a verdict is). I’ve served on two juries, one of which didn’t want to reach a verdict, and I was grateful for bailiff coffee.

Still am.

I don’t make bailiff coffee for myself–but I do have my two mugs every morning. Keeps me determined to do the job even when everything else conspires to disrupt.

So, November dropped the fiction and picked up nonfiction. Three projects came together to get credit for the National Novel Writing Month ~ which means that I had to switch my projects to have success. Projects finished / revised / edited / corrected / formatted and now waiting on covers.

I guess that means — watch this space for more information 😉 !

It may look a little like this

W.Ink Logo

and this

writing schedule for the year 2016

and quite a bit more.

And all of this is typical of the Writing Life.

Just Start Writing.

Write a Book in a Month.

Come Along for the Writing Biz.

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