A Game of Spies

A Card-Sharp in Skirts

With a talent for whist, Josette Sourantine has charge of the card room at every Sourantine salon.

She flirts with the cynical rake Tobias Kennit and the handsome society prize Lord Gordon Musgrove.  Yet it is the mysterious Giles Hargreaves who intrigues her.

The Hidden Spycatcher

Col. Giles Hargreaves, son of the Marquess of Grasmere, has found the émigré spying for Napoleon, but he cannot arrest her until he locates the source feeding her vital government secrets.

He attends the Sourantine salons hoping to locate the man stealing the information for Celeste which she then smuggles to France.  He decides to dally with Celeste only to be distracted by the lovely Josette.

Can a Spycatcher love a Spy?

Has Giles blinded himself to the extent of the spy ring?  As sister to the French spy, Josette must be embroiled in the betrayal of England.

Is Josette giving her heart to a rake who merely dallies with her?  How can Giles love her when they have known each other so briefly?

A Net Closes, but Giles didn’t cast it!

When Josette is caught in a net designed to tangle up the English as the French spies escape, will Giles lose her just when he’s given his heart to her?


To the Reader:  A Game of Spies follows A Game of Secrets, which is a complete novel with no cliff-hangers.  While readers may find that reading the first novel creates a fuller experience, it is not necessary to read it in order to enjoy this book.  And while the trilogy concludes with A Game of Hearts, another novel that stands on its own, A Game of Spies does not end with a cliff-hanger.

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