Spring is bursting forth,

birds are twittering around,

… and allergies have started.

Time for the April Book Birthdays!

photo by Magnus Manske, from Creative Commons

Celebrate! And discover more with one click!

On April 1st ~ Writing Craft!

Last year, so this is its first book birthday! Discovering Your Writing. One-click link for the book description, trailer, and purchase.

April 5 ~ Fantasy!

THIS YEAR, so it’s brand new … the bundled Spells of Air. Find it here.

April 9 ~ Traditional Regency Mystery

4th anniversary for The Dangers to Hearts. Explore here and purchase here.

April 30 ~ Another Traditional Regency Mystery … with a bit of suspense!

Last year, so this is its first book birthday (two in one month!) ~ The Hazard for Spies. Explore … and purchase!

April’s Mystery by M.A. Lee

start 2021 with a freebie.

Jack Portman had never forgotten Filly Malvaise. Then she walked into his local pub and into the clutches of a loan shark. Can he rescue her before she falls victim to evil?

The Lion’s Den is connected by a single thread to the Into Death series, which features the artist Isabella Newcombe. Jack and Filly first appeared in the mystery Christmas with Death.

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