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Historical Mystery from M.A. Lee

Jack Portman had never forgotten Filly Malvaise. Then she walked into his local pub and into the clutches of a loan shark. Can he rescue her before she falls victim to evil?

The Lion’s Den is connected by a single thread to the Into Death series, which features the artist Isabella Newcombe. Jack and Filly first appeared in the mystery Christmas with Death.

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Historical Fantasy from Edie Roones and M.A. Lee

“The Poisoner and the Faerie Huntsman” ~ Never reveal weakness to a Faerie.

Escaping a false accusation of poisoning, Melly and her hound seek refuge in Sherwood Forest ~ yet the Nottingham guard who accused her is on her trail.

That night, she encounters the black hounds of the Wild Hunt. Then the Huntsman arrives.

Has she fallen into greater trouble?

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This is one of M’s favorite Wild Sherwood stories [Edie has a different story that she loves, but she’s in love with the image of the guy =) . ]


Fantasy from Remi Black, a novella, first in the Spells of Earth trilogy.

bk 1 in the Spells of Earth trilogy of fantasy novellas

Elemental Earth is a life-potential power. Can it be wielded to kill?

Wizardry burnt out and memory gone, Desora re-built her life in an isolated corner of the Northern Reaches. She only wields the life-growing power of elemental Earth.

She has nothing of Fire, Air, or Water. No fiery bolts, no whirlwinds, no drowning spheres: nothing for defense or attack.

Shape-shifting wolfen threaten her, able to transform out of Moon-turn.

And strangely gory deaths in the High Meadow mean a mysterious monster prowls, looking for life to consume.

With death menacing, Desora has no protection except her wards.

Wolfen and the eldritch monster kill the defenseless. Can Desora discover new ways to wield Earth before she becomes prey?

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