Dark Fantasy from Remi Black

Mysterious Spells. A Sorcerer’s Sleep Snare.

A Conspiracy to Assassinate. Wyres and Wraiths.

Forbidden Blood Magic. Wizardry against Sorcery.

Dream a Deadly Dream

Dream a Deadly Dream is the second epic fantasy with the banished wizard Alstera.

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Threats come from enemies and friends, sorcered spells and steely blades in Dream a Deadly Dream.

Her powers bound for crimes against the Wizard Enclave, Alstera ventures into Vaermonde. By chance, she meets another lone traveler, Cherai the bard.

After three years in hiding, Cherai is no closer to discovering who assassinated her father, the comte Muirée. She unknowingly holds the key to the conspirators’ plan. To capture her, they order a sorcerer to weave a malevolent sleep-spell of lethal nightmares.

Alstera blocks the spell—but it intensifies. Betrayal wields a sharp sword that drives them to flee. Then treachery springs its poisonous trap.

Can Alstera free Cherai? Or will sorcery spin a lethal web that ensnares them both?

For a dark fantasy of mysterious spells, forbidden blood magic, and a conspiracy for assassination, read Dream a Deadly Dream.

This epic novel is the second in the series Fae Mark’d Wizard, featuring the wizard Alstera from Weave a Wizardry Web.  Alstera’s story continues in Sing a Graveyard Song.

Intriguing Characters in Dream A Deadly Dream

Meet Alsteraall covers by Deranged Doctor Design

the Fae Mark’d Wizard: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/meet-alstera-in-dream-deadly-dream.html 

Meet Cherai

the fugitive comtesse hunted by the conspiracy: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/meet-cherai-fugitive-comtesse-in-dream.html

Meet Raul

Cherai’s fellow traveler on the lonely roads of Vaermonde, and glimpse Guy DuBarree, who broke her heart: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/meet-raul-cherais-friend-and-fellow.html

Meet Shield

an enslaved wyre who is the tool of the sorcerer who is himself a tool of the conspirators: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/through-eyes-of-enslaved-wyre.html

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all covers by Deranged Doctor Design

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Remi Black writes in the Fae Mark’d World.

Working with elemental power rather than wizardry spells, Remi is also writing novella trilogies

Spells of Air

On a mission for the Wizard Enclave, Orielle ventures into the Wilding, a strange frontier filled with magical creatures. There she discovers sprites and wraiths, gobbers and wyre, and the mysterious Dark Fae called the Kyrgy.

All view her as prey.

To Wield the Wind

Never adept with magic, Orielle allies with Grim, a swordsman who wields elemental power. With him as guide and guard, she heads for Iscleft Haven, hoping to renew the alliance between the Enclave and the Haven.

Can Orielle and Grim reach the Haven without falling to the wyre and the gobbers? Or must they bind themselves to Lady Bone and ride the Wild Hunt as the newly chosen of a Kyrgy?

To Charm the Air

When Orielle and Grim reach the Haven, the elder arrests him. The Haveners aren’t interested in a renewed alliance with the Wizard Enclave.

Is her mission for the Enclave in vain? Will she ever escape the Wilding?

And what of her vow to the Kyrgy Lady Bone?

To Curse the Wyre

Hunter. Hunted. Who is who?

The sorceress and her servants, the shifter wyre, seek to destroy Orielle’s allies in the Wilding. Orielle has gathered Dark Fae and Rhoghieri to defeat them.

She rides with the Dark Fae Lord Skull and Lady Bone—but can she trust them?

Spells of Earth

cover by Deranged Doctor Design

Wizardry burnt out and memory gone, Desora re-built her life in an isolated corner of the Northern Reaches. She only wields the nourishing power of elemental Earth.

She has nothing of Fire, Air, or Water. No fiery bolts, no whirlwinds, no drowning spheres: nothing she can use for defense or attack. Can Desora discover new ways to wield Earth before she becomes prey?

The Wyrded Forest

Shape-shifting wolfen threaten Desora, able to transform out of Moon-turn.

Strangely gory deaths in the High Meadow mean a mysterious monster prowls, looking for life to devour.

Shifters and the eldritch monster kill the defenseless. With death menacing, Desora fears she has no protection except her wards.

The Riven Gate

How will Desora, Captain Brax, and their allies defeat the eldritch monster? Alliance with the Dark Fae Lord Horst offers the only chance.

Yet more than the monster threatens them. Sorcery and magical predators lurk in the forest, waiting to snare them.

Bloody fate balances death on one scale, destruction on the other.

The Mysts of Sorcery

The monster escaped and kills everything in its path. The sorcerer who brought the monster through the portal must also die.

Desora risks losing all she’s regained as she confronts a monster she has no idea how to destroy.

As fierce battles loom, betrayal also rears its ugly head. Will she survive the last battles against the sorcerer, his shapeshifters, and the eldritch monster?

Spells of Water ~ Current Writing

Air / Earth / Water
Covers by Deranged Doctor Design


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