Writers Ink has a podcast!

Yes, we made the jump!

Writers Ink NonFiction is hosting the podcast The Write Focus.

As always, Writers Ink hits the reset button in the autumn months. The Write Focus will post every Wednesday. The first episodes are running under 15 minutes (with one exception), but gradually they will stretch toward 20 to 25 minutes, long enough to prep dinner or commute to/from work or fold laundry or take a walk.

Our two inaugural episodes features 7 Newbie Writer Mistakes and 3 Notta Mistakes. Everything in these two episodes is based on experiences of our own Writers Ink writers!

As the podcast advances, we are BookPodding or BookTubing, depending on your choice of media.

Listen to the podcasts on Podbean or on youtube or read the transcripts on thewritefocus.blogspot.com 

Here are the podcast links for 7 Newbie Writer Mistakes :: 

Podcast on Podbean

Click YouTube  


for 3 Notta Mistakes ::

Click for Podbean 

Click for YouTube 

These episodes posted on October 7 and 14, so they are available now!



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