Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Yes, it sounds like heresy.  It must be wrong.  Everyone talks about Writer’s Block.

I’m preaching that Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Instead, if you’re in a writing slump, you have one of three distinct problems.

And I’ve got some solutions.

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Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Writer’s Block doesn’t exist?  Yes, I’m speaking heresy when I proclaim that.

If you’re following us, the previous blog provided a brief quiz.  At this linkI natter on about the reasons I believe that writers are buying into a great big lie.

After all, if you can write words at all, you’re not truly blocked.

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Think you have Writer’s Block?


It doesn’t exist.

What you have may be one of three separate diagnoses.

Click this quiz link to find out : http://quizrevolution.com/ch/a261439

Remember this?  It’s still Truth.

Artists can paint.  They may not be painting what they want to.  They may hate what’s on the canvas.  It’s boring and useless, they may think, drivel rather than art, gimmick rather than truth.  By they can apply color to the canvas.  That’s painting.

You may think you’re blocked, but you can compose a FB message or a tweet or an email.  You can write a blog, even if in your mind it’s boring and useless, drivel rather than art, gimmick rather than truth.

Artists can re-paint.  They can change perspective or techniques or even style.  They can paint for fun or for anger, to share laughs or to anticipate burning, a ritual bonfire of the drivel.  Every stroke of the brush moves them out of the stoppage they found themselves in.

The writers’ truth?  We also survive gimmickry.  We can re-write.  Those boring, useless, driveling words?  We can apply a new viewpoint or setting or changed outcome.  We can toss off a quick note or pen a diatribe, share it for laughs or get the fire out of our blood, a burning of what angers us and never needs to enter the sunshine.  Every keystroke on the laptop moves us out of the stoppage we find ourselves in.

Read more at this link.

Re-join us for Diagnosis 1:  Writer’s Refusal.  Look for the information to be published on October 10.

Have you heard of that one?  Now go for another coffee.  Remember, send an email.  Burn a poem.  Delete an hour’s worth of writing.  Intend to do it.

Offend the muse.  Tell her who is in charge.  You are.  Writers don’t wait on inspiration.  We have jobs to do.

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That coffee is the answer to the great lie called Writer’s Block (photo by rawpixel)

Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Lesson 5 / Think like a Writer / One Simple Injunction

Look at that title again > Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

I’m speaking heresy in the writing community.

Do you know someone who claims to suffer from Writer’s Block?  Have you yourself ever said, “I’m blocked.  I can’t write anything.”

I am hear to tell you that Writer’s Block is an IMPOSSIBILITY.

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