What’s In a Name?


Shakespeare may have claimed that “a rose by any other word would smell as sweet”. And we know that’s true for skunks … and cooked cabbage.

Yet Shakespeare proved that claim incorrect. His character Tybalt did care that a Montague had attended the Capulet banquet. He was furious that a Montague danced with his cousin Juliet. For that very reason, he challenged Romeo to a duel … and the tragedy rolled from there.

For writers ~

Names are The Most Important Writing Tool.

The Write Focus has three episodes discussing the importance of selecting names.

Episode One, aired on Nov. 11, offers brainstorming techniques and considerations when creatives select names.

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Episode Two, aired on Nov. 18, explores Pen Names.

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Episode Three, aired today / Nov. 25, presents quick considerations with character names and picking titles for books & series.

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