The poetry blog series continues over at Writers Ink Nonfiction, even though Writers Ink is on hiatus during September for a much-needed rest.

For September, the three blog posts were originally extremely rough drafts for what became loooonnnnngggg chapters in Discovering Sentence Craft.

On 9/5 is an extremely rough draft of Repetition, that structural element that easily creates emphasis.

The 9/15 post offers a handy-dandy handout on basic archetypes.

The 9/25 post not only offers that handy-dandy handout for symbols but asks a series of questions about the logic of archetypes and symbols before using these literary devices to analyze two modern poems.

This link will take you to the 9/5 post.

Writers Ink Non-Fiction is continuing the series of posts about Advice to Newbie Writers.

We’ve had 7 Newbie Mistakes (July).

3 Newbie Notta Mistakes (August).

September launched Writing Process Information. The Newbie Writer wrote a second email asking for advice. We offered Live and Learn on 9/5, Epic Writer Journey on 9/15, and Revision on 9/25. Check out the 9/1 post at this link, then continue on.