For an Afternoon Cuppa to Give a Bit of Winter Warmth

When the sun slides past its zenith, the day seems colder, and we all look for a bit of winter warmth.  With hours to go before I sleep (yes, that’s from Robert Frost), I need to keep my winter warmth non-alcoholic.  Coffee is the answer.

I brew my coffee (freshly ground, filtered water, slow perk) every morning and limit myself to 2 cups of caffeinated daily.

 Sometimes, especially in the cold of winter, with short hours of sunlight and long minutes before cuddling up in a comfy chair, I just want coffee. One cup, that’s all.

Prerequisites: Organic. Decaf. Quick. Good tasting. This hits those four marks, and the taste is better than good.

I like my coffee black, but sometimes a bit of cream is an indulgence. This stands up to the cream: the coffee flavor becomes smoother but isn’t overwhelmed.

It also is a great base on which to build Irish coffee (a spoon of whipped cream, a few crystals of turbinado sugar, a splash of Makers Mark, and this: now that’s Irish coffee!). The coffee flavor doesn’t get lost; all the flavors come together for divine relaxation on a winter’s evening.

This is a repeat buy for me.

If traveling and needing decaf (or caffeinated), Mount Hagen offers little convenience packets as well. Thank you, Mt Hagen, for making travel still organic!

~~ Edie Roones

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