This month W.Ink Books is celebrating the anniversary of the publication of three books.

On this date last year, Edie Roones published the third book in the Seasons in Sansward quartet, Winter Sorcery.

Two Frenc spies escape from Overlord Summa’s army.  Tracked by a Gitane Witch and a military troop, they receive help from two women in northern Arlas.

What will happen when the Gitane arrives to capture the spies?


For an Afternoon Cuppa to Give a Bit of Winter Warmth

When the sun slides past its zenith, the day seems colder, and we all look for a bit of winter warmth.  With hours to go before I sleep (yes, that’s from Robert Frost), I need to keep my winter warmth non-alcoholic.  Coffee is the answer.

I brew my coffee (freshly ground, filtered water, slow perk) every morning and limit myself to 2 cups of caffeinated daily.

 Sometimes, especially in the cold of winter, with short hours of sunlight and long minutes before cuddling up in a comfy chair, I just want coffee. One cup, that’s all.

Prerequisites: Organic. Decaf. Quick. Good tasting. This hits those four marks, and the taste is better than good.

I like my coffee black, but sometimes a bit of cream is an indulgence. This stands up to the cream: the coffee flavor becomes smoother but isn’t overwhelmed.

It also is a great base on which to build Irish coffee (a spoon of whipped cream, a few crystals of turbinado sugar, a splash of Makers Mark, and this: now that’s Irish coffee!). The coffee flavor doesn’t get lost; all the flavors come together for divine relaxation on a winter’s evening.

This is a repeat buy for me.

If traveling and needing decaf (or caffeinated), Mount Hagen offers little convenience packets as well. Thank you, Mt Hagen, for making travel still organic!

~~ Edie Roones

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Scary October needs a scary witch, and the fantasy Autumn Spells by Edie Roones offers us Neehla.

Eager to re-embody herself in a younger woman, Neehla builds her sorcerous spell.


In this life her name was Neehla.  Over many lives, she had lost some things, gained others.  Through them all, her sorcery remained tangible evil, woven from the elemental air and the incense of her spells.

Her fingers flew across the loom, weaving a snare for the unwary.  She snatched a spiral of smoke from the air and twisted it deftly before joining the sorcered strand to the thread on the shuttle.  As it shot across the warp threads on the loom, the gray smoke deepened, becoming as darkly hued as the power that shaped it.

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Free Fiction

It’s Free Fiction for W.Ink Wednesday.

Here’s a free glimpse, the first chapter of Edie Roones’ fantasy Summer Sieges, a story of ordinary people battling extraordinary odds and foul sorcery.   This book is Edie’s second publication, after her short story “A Matter of Trust”.

              Chapter 1
Summer Sieges by Edie Roones

Her body jerked.

Beren muddled her way up.  Slowly.  Into the pain.

Another jerk.

Return was . . . sluggish.  A great darkness.  A lesser one.  She wanted to retreat from waking, crawl back into the deep blackness, but pain pulsed in her head and throbbed along her arm, denying any escape.

Her body jerked again.

Hands were on her.  At her hips.  Metal clinking.  A lift.  She groaned.

The hands stilled then gave another jerk that peeled something from beneath her.

And then a growl, deep, predatory.  As black as the darkness.  Danger as old as time.

Whoever had pulled at her scrambled away.  She tried to open her eyes then realized they were open, to night-black.  The dancing lights weren’t in her throbbing head.  They were torches bobbing, some bigger and brighter, others distant, like the will o’wisps that hovered over deepest springs and in magickal glades.

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