Cozy Mysteries with a Dash of Romance

Newest Release:  The Key with Spies

the 9th book in the Hearts in Hazard series

Regency England.  Suspense.  Murder.  Two hearts at odds.

Married for money, not for love.

A convenient marriage inconveniently causes murder.

Six months ago, Beth Corbett married Greville Myers.  Her money saved his estate.  His nobility raised her station.  The couple have achieved an uneasy relationship, tepid and uncomfortable.

Then Beth is nearly killed in a failed attempt at murder.

Who wants her dead?

  • *The woman who had expected to marry Greville?
  • *The mother-in-law who hates her?
  • *Someone unknown?
  • *Or her husband, so he can keep her money and marry the woman he loves?

Who can Beth trust?

When the murderer strikes again and injures someone by mistake, how can Beth discover the truth?  Or will she be the next victim?

The Key with Hearts is set in Regency England.   At 59,000 words, the novel is Book 9 in the Hearts in Hazard series of romantic mystery and suspense by M. A. Lee.

Available here!

January 2019 Release

The Key for Spies, at 98,000 words, is the eighth novel in the Hearts in Hazard series by M.A. Lee.  Set in the Regency era, the Hearts in Hazard series combines suspense and mystery with a dash of romance.


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Released December 2017, cover by Deranged Doctor Design.

Into Death book 2

Christmas with Death


Christmas is for miracles, merriment, and murder.


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Here’s the joy of working with a great cover design group like Deranged Doctor Design:

  • I say artist in Greece, they find images with sketches of Greece.
  • I say heroine’s favorite color is periwinkle;  they find a place to use it.
  • I say set in early 20th century;  they find a costumed model with a period-appropriate dress.
  •  I say beach; they give me a beach with a lovely sunset.
  • They actually gave me two cover options, one with a beached boat that had lovely colors . . . but no boat in this book.

Give your cover designer ideas but very little direction.  Trust the designer’s aesthetic.

Find a cover designer with your aesthetic;  my search took almost two years, which gave me time to focus on other writing.  The wait was useful: I published the first three books in the Hearts in Hazard series back to back, which I believe increased their sales.

M.A. Lee’s NonFiction

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