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Newest Release:  The Key for Spies,

the 8th book in the Hearts in Hazard series

Spies and traitors.  Lies and treachery.  Unexpected love where bullets fly.

One traitor destroys loyalty.  What will two traitors destroy?

The British spy Simon Pargeter scouts the terrain for Wellington’s army in French-controlled Spain.  Miriella de Teba ye Olivita, the famed Doñabella, wants to give him aid, but she must first find the traitor lurking in her band of guerillas.

Can Simon escape the French patrol hot on his trail?  With Major Pierre LeCuyer actively seeking Doñabella’s identity, can Miri hold her guerrillas together long enough to get the information Simon needs?  Can she locate the traitor before she is unmasked?

Or will the traitors reap the reward while Simon and Miri swing from a gallows?

The Key for Spies, at 98,000 words, is the eighth novel in the Hearts in Hazard series by M.A. Lee.  Set in the Regency era, the Hearts in Hazard series combines suspense and mystery with a dash of romance.


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Recent Release:  Christmas with Death / Into Death Book 2

Released December 2017, cover by Deranged Doctor Design.

Christmas is for miracles, merriment, and murder.

An English country Christmas in 1919 should be a joyful celebration.  Isabella Newcombe, however, discovers only petty sniping and bitterness when she and her friends (Cecilia Arkwright and the brothers Madoc and Gawen Tarrant) are invited to Emberley.

They plan to leave before New Year’s Eve, then Isabella and her fiancé Madoc discover the body of a fellow visitor, shot dead and left lying in an ice-skimmed pond.

With multiple motives and suspects, will Scotland Yard solve the crime before Isabella is the murderer’s next target?  Will an imperfect murder be impossible to solve?

For more information.  And to purchase,Find CHRISTMAS WITH DEATH here.


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Here is the joy of working with a great cover design group like Deranged Doctor Design:

  • I say artist in Greece, they find images with sketches of Greece.
  • I say heroine’s favorite color is periwinkle;  they find a place to use it.
  • I say set in early 20th century;  they find a costumed model with a period-appropriate dress.
  •  I say beach; they give me a beach with a lovely sunset.
  • They actually gave me two cover options, one with a beached boat that had lovely colors . . . but no boat in this book.

Give your cover designer ideas but very little direction.  Trust the designer’s aesthetic.

Find a cover designer with your aesthetic;  my search took almost two years, which gave me time to focus on other writing.  The wait was useful: I published the first three books in the Hearts in Hazard series back to back, which I believe increased their sales.

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