Here’s something not sexy.

A brand for writing is a contract with the reader.

Here’s two more.

Brands identify quality work with artistic effort.

They serve as a stamp of approval for the customer.

Yeah, yeah. You’ve heard that before.

Look around, and you’ll spot lots of flash-bang presentations on creating author brands. As more writers become self-published and traditional writers try to increase their marketing, the Author Brand is a hot topic.

Everyone talks about it. Few people can explain how to do it or give instructions to follow.

Well, gee, here’s another book, too. How is Discovering Your Author Brand different from the other books in the marketplace?

How do readers find the books they love?

That’s easy. Cover art.

In a bookstore, staring at 1000s of books, how do readers remember that book they finished a month ago? How do they find that writer again? And how do they know that book is written by the same writer that they enjoyed last month?

Because it’s repeat customers that make writers successful.

Answer? That’s easy. Cover art.

Yes, cover art answers both questions. And M.A. Lee discusses cover art as a Branding technique in her newest release Discovering Your Author Brand.

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