He is Risen!  But more must still occur.

Bright Wednesday / the Road to Emmaus ~ Luke 24:13-35.

“He has Risen!”

That’s the good news that the angel gave to the women at the tomb and the very good news that the women gave to the disciples.

Who could need more than that?

Yet the disciples could not bring themselves to believe.  They wanted to, desperately, but their earthly realism prevented complete belief.

So more is needed, and more comes on the road to Emmaus.

Three days after the Crucifixion, on this very day of the Resurrection, two of the Jesus’ followers are walking on the road to Emmaus.

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More Belief on Bright Monday

Easter begins with Sunrise—the tomb open and empty, the more faithful women first to see, first to receive the good news, 1st to spread the good news.

This week following Easter should be the most celebrated time in the church, yet it is often themore neglected than any other time of the church.

Fasting and grief are over;  feast and joy return.  Christ is Risen!  Christ is Lord of All!

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