As Halloween looms out of the shadows, it’s time to talk about the worst kind of problem for a writer.

No, I’m not talking about Writer’s Block.  I believe that Writer’s Block doesn’t Exist.

My last few blogs have presented my argument that three different problems are causing your writing slump.

After all, even if you don’t want to work on your writing project, you can still write emails or tweet or post on FB.

1st problem, Writer’s Refusal, is the easiest to solve.

2nd problem, Writer’s Procrastination is related to your fears about your writing.

3rd problem, this is the truly scary problem.  It’s Writer’s Inertia, a slimy monster of stagnation.  Be afraid of this diagnoses.  Be very afraid.

created with powerpoint by Emily R. Dunn
Infographic for Writers Ink Books

You can find more about three problems that are often mis-diagnosed as Writer’s Block here.

Coming up in November:  How to Spark Creativity.  Join us on the 10th.

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