Summer Sieges, available now

Honor and death? Or cowardice and life?  Stark choices, and not that easy.

For years, Beren had no trouble keeping to her oath of defending Caldew Keep’s lord and lady.  She relished her hard-won rise to the rank of warder, and she absorbed all the swordcraft her father, Caldew’s castellan, had to teach.  Then the Watrani horde, allied with the Gitane witches, invaded southern Mullen to begin their inexorable march to Caldew—for the keep guards the Eye, a crystal that can increase a mage’s power hundredfold, can free the Prica from their cursed wolf-shape back to their manhood, can trap sorcerers in stone—and free them again.

Caldew’s lord sacrificed himself, Beren’s father, and most of the keep’s garrison in a futile battle to defeat the Watrani.  The sole survivor, Beren is aided in her escape by a Prica, who thinks to use the crystal to shift back into man.  She returns to Caldew to help prepare for siege only to discover the Lady Treasache intends to steal away with the Eye in a desperate bid to keep it from the dark spells of the Gitane.  And power has more in store for her as she shares dreams with the Prica—a man named Storr is fights against the wolf instincts that have controlled him for so long.

Can Beren survive a journey through the Shadow Path and battle with the Watrani?  Or will she sacrifice herself in another futile attempt to guard the Eye?  With only a sword as defense against sorcery, can she survive a battle against the Gitane?  Or will she discover that the road to death is littered with people who chose honor over life?

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