How often do you change direction? Jeep has a commercial  based on the idea that we have to recalculate our lives.  We have to break society’s expectations and pursue our own.

cover by Deranged Doctor Design
a little blurry because it’s a screenshot

That commercial looks great, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing, though. What will you recalculate when you consider what is important in your life? What will direct your resolve to transform?

The 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle planner will NOT direct your transformation.

No one should. That transformation is up to you.

But 2 * 0 * 4 can help you clarify your goals and remind you daily to focus on them. Every six weeks, you can renew your focus or recalculate your direction.

Here’s the Jeep commercial:

And here’s the planner:

Guess which one is less expensive?

Open the planner and find ~

* The Raison d’Etre: explaining the purpose of the lifestyle and providing assistance with necessary diet changes–feast and fast, eating real food and avoiding bad fats and sugars.

* The Yearly Pre-Set, a goal-setting exercise for Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body.  Accomplishments to Achieve creates lists in each area for you to consider throughout the year.

* Seasonal Pre-Set then Re-Sets, reviewing previous victories and challenges, specific goal setting, anticipated challenges, and obligations to come.

* The weekly spread, undated, with a panel for reflecting over the week, daily gratitude and meditation, upcoming goals, an inspirational quotation, and a place to note your weekly weigh-in.

* At the six-week mark is a new retrospection and prospectus, considering challenges and new ideas about your goals.  After the first two six-week marks, you will encounter progress meters for these goals.

* Calendars of important dates from 2019 to 2023.

* Notes and Looking Ahead pages, Gifts and Wish List, and My Lists:  films, restaurants, books, tech, places, hikes, music, and vacation spots.

What other planner combines heart and soul, mind and body?  Make the decision to live a whole life with 2 * 0 * 4.

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