First up, Dav the Wrestler, a friend of Robin Hood and his men.

A Twist of Faerie Magic

Twist after twist reveals the true heart.

Dav spent months earning prizes for wrestling, all to raise enough coins to marry his love Edrys.

On his return to Nottingham, however, he discovers Edrys married another man during his absence. When he sees bruises on her, he threatens her husband.

Then the man is found dead, and Dav is accused.

How can a twist of Faerie magic reveal the true culprit?

~ ~ ~

“A Twist of Faerie Magic” is the sixth story in the Wild Sherwood series. Find it here:

Alan-a-Dale, “A Faerie Song for a Feast”

Masks, Mummers, and a Faerie Song

When a corrupt abbot double-charges the rents of simple farmers, Robin Hood and his men decide to intervene. Alan-a-Dale risks playing a song learned in the land of Faeries to help Robin Hood and his men.

Yet the Faerie Elandrielle warned him never to play music he learned while visiting Underhill.

What will she do when he breaks her command?

. ~ . ~ . ~

Arthur à Bland, “Mischief of a Faerie”

A Challenge with Quarterstaves

Arthur’s sister names a bearded giant as her newborn’s father. The only bearded giant that the young poacher knows is the outlaw Little John. Arthur storms off, resolved to force John to support his child.

He can’t shame an outlaw into honor. He can’t force a man taller and stronger than he is to shoulder his responsibilities.

Will the Faerie Iofrin’s mischief lead to the answer?

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

Jack Greenleaf, “The Green Man”

A Venture With Destiny

Bad luck has plagued Jack Greenleaf for years. Abandoned, evicted, and rejected, he joined the other outcasts in Sherwood Forest. The Green Man of the Faerie may seal his fate.

Gilbert Whitehand, “The Prize of a Golden Arrow”

By Hook or Crook or Arrow

Gil vowed never again to take up the long bow. Then he learns the May Day archery contest is a trap to capture Robin Hood. He resolves to foil the Sheriff’s plan.

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

The bundled anthology is available on the 25th!

Lovers of fantasy and the Robin Hood legends, Edie Roones and M.A. Lee enjoy fusing the stories of the medieval English outlaws with the dangerous faeries of British myth.

Cover by Deranged Doctor Design

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The first five stories with the Robin Hood legends fused with the British faeries appear in the anthology Into Wild Sherwood, which is also available now.

Watch for more stories about Wild Sherwoodmen driven to crime to fight evil and corruption.

Robin Hood,

Will Scarlet, Little John,

and Much the Miller’s son

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