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The Write Focus podcast is posting from Remi Black’s Write a Book in a Month as part of a Writing Challenge.

  • Remi’s challenge occurred in 2019.
  • She published the book of her challenge posts in 2020 … yes, the Plague Year.
  • Now that it’s 2021, time to use WBM for the podcast.  … Keeping it going, keeping it different, keeping it fresh!

The Goal ~ a fantasy novella of 30,000 words, to publish on the first of May … To Wield the Wind


Every day, listen to the progress check-in and learn about the process of writing and putting a book together … as well as the distractions and disruptions that are the bane of the working writer.

The check-in is followed by Remi’s thoughts on writing, the craft and the business. 30 days of musing about the Wonderland World of Writing.

Last of all are inspirational quotations from writers with which Remi started and ended every writing session..

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How can you listen to the daily challenge?

Visit one of the following sites. Follow our podcast to come back daily. 


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Write a Book in a Month is copyright 2020. (I’ve discovered the reason that mp4 files will have glitching, but it will be a looonnnngggg haul to convert everything … and keep up writing and the writing biz at the same time. I suggest listening on one of the other 3. I like Podbean, personally.)


Topics for the Writing Challenge

April 1 :: No Fooling

April 2 :: Change of Plans

April 3 :: Stick with the Plan

April 4 :: Nix Distractions

April 5 :: Watch for Warnings

April 6 :: Life Rolls

April 7 :: Win-Lose-Wind

April 8 :: Critical vs. Creative

April 9 :: Eat the Frog First

April 10 :: The Tax Man Cometh

April 11 :: Cocoons

April 12 :: Six Words Short

April 13 :: Wonders Never Cease

April 14 :: One Project, Two Project

April 15 :: Promotions

April 16 :: Covers

April 17 :: Frittery Jittery

April 18 :: Flipping Out

April 19 :: Input / Output

April 20 :: Looking Ahead

April 21 :: Short Post

April 22 :: Biz Monday

April 23 :: Master Book

April 24 :: Expect the Unexpected

April 25 :: Carpe Diem as Writers

April 26 :: Nose to the Grindstone

April 27 :: Writers’ Groups

April 28 :: First Celebration

April 29 :: Writers Conferences

April 30 :: An End that’s Not an End and Lessons List

 May 5th :: Aprés-Draft Update


Did Remi Win the Writing Challenge?

Well, To Wield the Wind is published, and the two other novellas in the trilogy published in January and March of this year.

But did she publish on her schedule?

Listen and find out!

Here’s a Universal Book Link.


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