How do readers find the books they love?

That’s easy. Cover art.

In a bookstore, staring at 1000s of books, how do readers remember that book they finished a month ago? How do they find that writer again? And how do they know that book is written by the same writer that they enjoyed last month?

Because it’s repeat customers that make writers successful.

Answer? That’s easy. Cover art.

Yes, cover art answers both questions. And M.A. Lee discusses cover art as a Branding technique in her newest release Discovering Your Author Brand.

Our eyes are drawn to intriguing covers. When we hunt a new book, we look at the cover first.

When we hunt another book by a writer that we enjoyed, the cover art convinces us that we have the same writer (that’s BRANDING) and will be another book to enjoy.

Branding of writers is not new. It’s thrown around like a new term, but branding authors with cover images has been around since the Pulp Writers of the early part of the 1900s.

Click this link to see some of the early cover branding as well as covers for the books by three particular writers whose careers were improved when their Author Brand was suddenly developed. We examine these covers and the other elements of BRANDING in Discovering Your Author Brand.

Take a look at the branding for the Discovering series, created by the great cover designers Deranged Doctor Design. 3D understands much more than I do about branding series.

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