Back in 2018, after revising and expanding my first non-fiction book, Think like a Pro for writers, the genius idea for a writer’s daily planner struck … and I followed that creative spark to fruition with

the Think/Pro Planner for Writers.

Why should you get yours today? Well . . .

Right side of the Weekly Spread

How about a daily tracker for words?

A quick record for maintaining the daily habits necessary for daily brain health?

Inspirational Quotations for each Week?

Project Planning for the Week with a Progress Tracker?

Reviews followed by Previews for Monthly Success? And Seasonal Success?

A brief Yearly Preview along with an in-depth Yearly Review?

Notes pages front and back for quick reference?

A size large enough to record the daily necessaries? A size large enough to stand out against those binders on your crowded bookshelf?

Covers that match the original Think like a Pro guidebook that started it all? And covers that look good on the desk?

Only $15.00.

  • That’s $1.25 a month.
  • Or 27 cents per week.
  • Or 4 cents for each day of a solid year.
  • & the T/P Planner stretches beyond a single year by about a month! Free days!

Here’s the best part of all ~ Undated so you can start and stop at will.

Start now / start with the first of the month / start seasonally.
More than 52 weeks in a two-page spread across the 8 x 10 size.
This planner won’t get lost on the desk.
This planner will sit out as a daily invitation to “Come and write”.

Think / Pro is THE PLANNER for every working writer, newbie, gonnabee, and total pro.

Find the guiding lamp edition at the link below. Use this link for the floral edition.


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