The first book in the alternate medieval fantasy by Edie Roones:  Seasons in Sansward

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Summer Sieges

Honor and death? Or cowardice and life?  Stark choices, and not that easy.

Beren, a warder at Caldew Keep, swore an oath to defend her lord and lady.  The

Summer Sieges by Edie Roones

arrival of the Watrani horde, allied with the Gitane Witches, changes the world she has known.  The Witches are sorcerers who have been exiled from Sansward for generations.

Beren’s keep lady orders her to protect the Eye, a magical crystal that increases a wielder’s power.

Besides the magnification of power, the Eye has two other important purposes: 1)  It can remove the curse that transformed the fighting Prica warriors into wolves.  2) It will free sorcerers who were trapped in stone at the end of the Great War between the mages and the witches.

And the Gitane Witches are searching for the Eye.

Lady Treasache intends to steal away with the Eye in a desperate bid to keep it from the Gitane.  The Prica Storr thinks to use the Eye to shift back into man.

Will Beren sacrifice herself in a futile attempt to guard the Eye?  With only a sword as defense against sorcery, can she survive a battle against the Gitane?  Or will she discover that the road to death is littered with people who chose honor over life?

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Regency Mystery with an Eerie Touch of the Gothic and a Dash of Romance

The Hazard with Hearts concludes the Hearts in Hazard series.

Two wives haunt the castle. Will she be the third to die?

Vivienne Northrup agreed to a marriage of convenience to reap the benefits of becoming the Countess of Sheldrake. While she explores the ruins of Sheldrake Castle, a falling stone dislodged from a tower nearly kills her.

cover by Deranged Doctor Design

Only then does Vivienne discover that the earl’s previous two wives died tragically. The first had jumped to her death from that very tower.

Or had the woman been pushed?

Had someone tried to Kill Vivienne with the stone?

In the gothic tradition of Victoria Holt and Dorothy Eden, The Hazard with Hearts offers a determined heroine who confronts doubts, superstition, and the dark passions of a killer who wants every countess of Sheldrake dead and buried.

The Hazard with Hearts is book 12 in the Hearts in Hazard series of mysteries and suspense, with just a dash of sweet romance. The stories are loosely connected with each story complete in one book.

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They whisper that he is Bluebeard. His first two wives haunt the castle?  Will his third wife be next to die?

Want to Read about Writing Problems?

What’s in a Name?

That was a major question at the beginning of the rough draft for M.A. Lee’s The Hazard with Hearts.

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Outlaws of Wild Sherwood

In this anthology, five men are the Outlaws of Wild Sherwood, and they encounter Robin Hood’s enemies as well as the Faeries of British legend.

Wild Sherwood collection 2
Cover by Deranged Doctor Design

Wild Sherwood short story 6First up, Dav the Wrestler, a friend of Robin Hood and his men.

A Twist of Faerie Magic

Twist after twist reveals the true heart.

Dav spent months earning prizes for wrestling, all to raise enough coins to marry his love Edrys.

On his return to Nottingham, however, he discovers Edrys married another man during his absence. When he sees bruises on her, he threatens her husband.

Then the man is found dead, and Dav is accused.

How can a twist of Faerie magic reveal the true culprit?


No fighter, unskilled with knife or bow or sword, the singer Alan discovers a way to defeat Robin’s enemies.Wild Sherwood short story 7

“A Faerie Song for a Feast”

Masks, Mummers, and a Faerie Song

When a corrupt abbot double-charges the rents of simple farmers, Robin Hood and his men decide to intervene. Alan-a-Dale risks playing a song learned in the land of Faeries to help Robin Hood and his men.

Yet the Faerie Elandrielle warned him never to play music he learned while visiting Underhill.

What will she do when he breaks her command?


Wild Sherwood short story 8Arthur à Bland joined the outlaw band. What will he do when he believes Little John has wronged his sister?

“Mischief Of A Faerie”

A Challenge With Quarterstaves

Arthur’s sister names a bearded giant as her newborn’s father. The only bearded giant that the young poacher knows is the outlaw Little John. Arthur storms off, resolved to force John to support his child.

He can’t shame an outlaw into honor. He can’t force a man taller and stronger than he is to shoulder his responsibilities.

Will the Faerie Iofrin’s mischief lead to the answer?



The outlaw Jack Greenleaf only belongs to Robin’s band of men.

“The Green Man”

A Venture With Destiny

Bad luck has plagued Jack Greenleaf for years. Abandoned, evicted, and rejected, he joined the other outcasts in Sherwood Forest. The Green Man of the Faerie may seal his fate.





Gilbert Whitehand works the bar at the Tinker’s Wife Tavern, but he’s a great friend of Robin Hood.

“The Prize of a Golden Arrow”

By Hook or Crook or Arrow

Gil vowed never again to take up the long bow. Then he learns the May Day archery contest is a trap to capture Robin Hood. He resolves to foil the Sheriff’s plan.

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Lovers of fantasy and the Robin Hood legends, Edie Roones and M.A. Lee enjoy fusing the stories of the medieval English outlaws with the dangerous faeries of British myth. 



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Cover by Deranged Doctor Design

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The first five stories with the Robin Hood legends fused with the British faeries appear in the anthology Into Wild Sherwood, which is also available now.

Watch for more stories about Wild Sherwoodmen driven to crime to fight evil and corruption.

Robin Hood,

Will Scarlet,

Little John,

and Much the Miller’s son

Fantasy Set In A Renaissance World

Weave A Wizardry Web by Remi Black

Least becomes great.  Greatest becomes least.

Two wizards travel sharp-bladed roads in Weave a Wizardry Web.

Wizard against sorcerer. 

Fae against dragon. 

Wyre against Rhoghieri.  

As children in the Wizard Enclave, Camisse and her niece Alstera recited that catechism daily.  Yet the war against sorcery seems far from the Enclave, and the current leaders have forgotten that childhood chant.

What happens when forbidden magic lures wizards?

How many die when shape-shifting wyres invade the Wizard Enclave?

Can Alstera escape the spidery lure of corrupted magic? Or will she become the shifters’ next target?

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Meet Camisse in this excerpt.

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Twisted magic. Foul sorcery. Dark corruption.

Weave a Wizardry Web

Frost Clime threatens the Wizard Enclave. Sorcerers and their servants, shape-shifting wyre, have stolen into the city of Tres Lucerna, home to the Enclave.

Alstera is the greatest of the young wizards in the Enclave; she’s treated like the least.

She’s desperate to join the war against Frost Clime, but the chief wizards refuse. Denied her wish, Alstera explores other ways to increase power.

A Fae disguised in glamour courts her aunt Camisse … but for what purpose? Does Camisee have latent power that the Fae will control? Will a forbidden linkage unlock her magic?

And what of Alstera’s cousins, who have joined an outland wizard’s circle? They dabble in twisted magic.

Danger walks the streets of Tres Lucerna, yet the chief wizards refuse to acknowledge it. Rumors fly … of a taboo nexus of power, of vile blood spells, and of enemy shape-shifters in the heart of the Wizard Enclave.

Then wizards are murdered.

A grim future awaits any wizard lured into forbidden Twisted magic,

And a grimmer death awaits wizards caught by the shifters.

Can Alstera escape the spidery lure of corrupted magic? Or will she become the shifters’ next target?

A dark fantasy of twisted magic, Weave a Wizardry Web by Remi Black is first in the Fae Mark’d Wizard series. Dream a Deadly Dream and Sing a Graveyard Song continue the series.

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