Dark Fantasy.

Mysterious Spells. A Sorcerer’s Sleep Snare.

A Conspiracy to Assassinate. Wyres and Wraiths.

Forbidden Blood Magic. Wizardry against Sorcery.

Dream a Deadly Dream

Threats come from enemies and friends, sorcered spells and steely blades in Dream a Deadly Dream.

Her powers bound for crimes against the Wizard Enclave, Alstera ventures into Vaermonde. By chance, she meets another lone traveler, Cherai the bard.

After three years in hiding, Cherai is no closer to discovering who assassinated her father, the comte Muirée. She unknowingly holds the key to the conspirators’ plan. To capture her, they order a sorcerer to weave a malevolent sleep-spell of lethal nightmares.

Alstera blocks the spell—but it intensifies. Betrayal wields a sharp sword that drives them to flee. Then treachery springs its poisonous trap.

Can Alstera free Cherai? Or will sorcery spin a lethal web that ensnares them both?

For a dark fantasy of mysterious spells, forbidden blood magic, and a conspiracy for assassination, read Dream a Deadly Dream.

Dream a Deadly Dream is the second novel in the epic Fae Mark’d Wizard series, featuring the wizard Alstera from Weave a Wizardry Web. Alstera’s story continues in Sing a Graveyard Song.

Meet Alstera

the Fae Mark’d Wizard: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/meet-alstera-in-dream-deadly-dream.html 

Meet Cherai

the fugitive comtesse hunted by the conspiracy: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/meet-cherai-fugitive-comtesse-in-dream.html

Meet Raul

Cherai’s fellow traveler on the lonely roads of Vaermonde, and glimpse Guy DuBarree, who broke her heart: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/meet-raul-cherais-friend-and-fellow.html 

Meet Shield

an enslaved wyre who is the tool of the sorcerer who is himself a tool of the conspirators: https://remiblack.blogspot.com/2021/06/through-eyes-of-enslaved-wyre.html 

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Orielle guided the dapple-grey gelding along the narrow trail traversing the steep slope of the mountain.

Lights winked in the trees ahead, like the spectrum glints in her mother’s diamond pendant, a gift for the spell she’d worked for the king.

She reined in the horse to watch the dancing lights. On the trek to this height, she’d seen the rainbow-colored lights a few times. The old man who had warned her of the Wilding said that she would see strange things, but this strangeness was beautiful. The lights flitted among the autumn-changed leaves. A cluster darted in and out, winking in unison. Light reflected from sun-glinted water moved randomly. These lights had a fascinating pattern.

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