Happy Birthday

The Key with Hearts

 The Key with Hearts has reached its 2nd birthday.

Here’s the link to the Amazon sale page.  Available in ebook and paperback!

The Key with Hearts ~

Regency England.  Suspense.  Murder.  Two hearts at odds.

Married for money, not for love.

A convenient marriage inconveniently causes murder.

Six months ago, Liza Corbett married Greville Myers.  Her money saved his estate.  His nobility raised her station.  The couple have achieved an uneasy relationship, tepid and uncomfortable.

Then Liza is nearly killed in a failed attempt at murder.

Who wants her dead?

  • *The woman who had expected to marry Greville?
  • *The mother-in-law who hates her?
  • *Someone unknown?
  • *Or her husband, so he can keep her money and marry the woman he loves?

Who can Liza trust?

When the murderer strikes again and injures someone by mistake, how can Liza discover the truth?  Or will she be the next victim?

The Key with Hearts is set in Regency England.   At 59,000 words, the novel is Book 9 in the Hearts in Hazard series of romantic mystery and suspense by M. A. Lee.

Visit the series page or M.A. Lee’s author page for a complete list of the Hearts in Hazard books.  For more on books by M.A. Lee, visit www.writersinkbooks.com .

No ghostwriters, work-for-hire writers, or other collaborators were used in the writing of this book. 😉


Just Released!

When Haven isn’t a Sanctuary—

When the untried wizard Orielle enters the Wilding on her journey to Iscleft Haven, she expects threats from bears and mountain lions, vipers and hornets.

She certainly doesn’t expect the creatures of legend: wraiths and gobbers, shape-shifting wyre, and the Dark Fae called the Kyrgy.

Price Special continues until Feb. 28 of 99¢ / free on Kindle Unlimited

Snippets to Enjoy~

 The Dark Fae play a large part in the Spells of Air series of the Fae Mark’d World. Here’s just a few snippets from To Charm the Wind that presents their interactions with Orielle, our protagonist. ~


Volk looked around the room, then he found Orielle. He lifted a marble-skinned hand. “Aiwaz Solksen,” he called, using the Dark Fae name for her. “Lady Bone requests your presence.” His sharpened teeth flashed. “We ride the Hunt tonight, and you swore to ride with us.”


“To where do we ride, Lady Bone?”

“Nowhere and everywhere.”

That didn’t answer Orielle’s question. “You speak in riddles, Lady.”

“You speak in truths, Aiwaz Solsken. Do wizards need Rhoghieri that much?”


Volk knelt before Lady Bone. He kissed the hem of her white gown, stained with his blood. Her long-fingered hand touched the white crown of his head. He looked up. His face shone, retaining that strange glow that had healed him.


The Kyrgy lord came out of the shadows. He wore his silver hair cropped close to his skull. His face looked narrowed than the Lady’s, with bones as sharp as blades.

 The Sorceress and her Wyre are the primary protagonists ~ even though other evil creatures of the Wilding strike against Orielle and Grim~


Orielle shivered. Her hands prickled again. Her face prickled. Her back crawled. Ice shivered over her. Ice that felt like slime. Ice that felt weighty as storms.

 Ice that was sorcery.


Whoever was in that room with him worked foul sorcery. To enchant him?


He seized the knife. A shudder wracked him, then he jerked it out of Zairantze’s breast.

“No!” Orielle cried, too late. As soon as the knife left Zairantze’s body, it dissolved, melting in his hand, the water evaporating into a mist.


Crackling sorcery hit her barrier, weakening it to a translucent shimmer. The two shape-shifting wyre plunged into the fighting on her right.


The knife was embedded to the hilt in the woman’s breast, just like Zairantze. No blood had seeped around it. And a wraith lifted its head out of the hilt.

 It poured up, striking at Orielle with hooked claws.

The Rhoghieri are intended to be allies, but they have no desire to work with a Wizard of the Enclave ~


When he’d laughed enough, Elder Tobit pointed at Orielle. “Prepare” was his only warning. He clapped his hands together.

A boom shuddered under her feet. Orielle staggered.

Brok grabbed her arm and hauled her back. The ground where she’d stood had cracked open.


Orielle saw the open door, darkness inside, her protective seal broken.


The gate’s iron bars were thick, black and unrusted. No Fae would touch the iron, but the metal wouldn’t hold a wizard, not unless it was spelled with a bane. Would it hold a Rhoghieri? One push of Air from Grim would send the gate flying.


An orb of fire shot through the door. Flames exploded over Trebetha. She screamed then crumbled … and writhed on the ground as the fire consumed her. People screamed. The crowd behind them thinned.

The Relationship between Orielle and Grim continues to grow ~


“You counting your enemies? That’s the first bit of wisdom you’ve had.”


“Have you not learned that I’m a better fighter than that?” Orielle asked.

Grim smirked. “You do have a tendency to jump into trouble.”



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