November offers three book anniversaries, one from each of the writers of Writers Ink!

1st up is November 5

the 4-year anniversary

Autumn Spells by Edie Roones

Published in 2016 ~ Only a special magic can defeat wraith-making sorcery.

The second fantasy in Seasons in Sansward, find more information here.



2nd is November 12

A 3-Year Anniversary

Dream a Deadly Dream by Remi Black

This dark fantasy published in 2017 ~ Assassination. A lethal sleep-spell. Wyre and wraiths. And wizardry against sorcery. Threats come from enemies and friends, steely blades and sorcered spells in Dream a Deadly Dream.

Find more information here.


3rd is November 28.

Another 3-Year Anniversary

Christmas with Death by M.A. Lee

Christmas is for miracles, merriment, and murder.  Isabella Newcombe, however, discovers the body of a fellow visitor, shot dead and left lying in an ice-skimmed pond.

With multiple motives and suspects, will Scotland Yard solve the crime before Isabella is the murderer’s next target?  Will an imperfect murder be impossible to solve?

Link to purchase is this one.