The first book by Edie Roones AND the first book published by Writers Ink hit the electronic marketplace on this day in 2015. It was an insane rush to finish the book before the end of August. Edie accomplished it by 32 hours!

Summer Sieges 

With only a sword as defense against sorcery, can Beren survive a battle against the Gitane Witches?


Unlock mystery, suspense, and romance

in the Regency era ~

A Trio of Keys.

Launch Day for A Trio of Keys!

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I like to think of this bundled set as “It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah!”

The Key to Secrets

After years in London, Constable Hector Evans returns to Chalmsley Court to solve a violent murder. He doesn’t expect the victim to be the fiancé of Lord Chalmsley’s youngest daughter.

His lordship wants a quick resolution, before gossip about the crime’s salacious nature and trap-like killing becomes widespread. With no murder weapon, no identifiable clues, and no eyewitnesses, Hector has little evidence to build a case.

Yet he has plenty of suspects for the bloody death—including the woman he once loved.

Dark hearts and sharp knives of The Key to Secrets create a compelling entry in the Hearts in Hazard series of Regency mysteries and suspense.

The Key for Spies

Spies and traitors.  Lies and treachery.  Unexpected love where bullets fly.

One traitor destroys loyalty.  What will two traitors destroy?

The British spy Simon Pargeter scouts the terrain for Wellington’s army in French-controlled Spain.  Miriella de Teba ye Olivita, the famed Doñabella, wants to give him aid, but she must first find the traitor lurking in her band of guerillas.

Can Simon escape the French patrol hot on his trail?  With Major Pierre LeCuyer actively seeking Doñabella’s identity, can Miri hold her guerrillas together long enough to get the information Simon needs?  Can she locate the traitor before she is unmasked?

Or will the traitors reap the reward while Simon and Miri swing from the gallows?

The Key with Hearts

Married for money, not for love.

A convenient marriage inconveniently causes murder.

Six months ago, Liza Corbett married Greville Myers.  Her money saved his estate.  His nobility raised her station.  The couple have achieved an uneasy relationship, tepid and uncomfortable.

Then Liza is nearly killed in a failed attempt at murder.

Who wants her dead?

  • *The woman who had expected to marry Greville?
  • *The mother-in-law who hates her?
  • *Someone unknown?
  • *Or her husband, so he can keep her money and marry the woman he loves?

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

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M A Lee’s Hearts in Hazard

A Trio of Keys bundles books 7, 8, and 9

in the Hearts in Hazard series

of romantic mysteries and suspense.


Satisfy your reading needs with a classic serial killer story in an English country manor, a spy chase on horseback in northern Spain, and a vintage gothic in the vein of Victoria Holt.

Click this link to take advantage of the promotional pricing.

Writers Ink NonFiction is THE site for all things writerly.

(Is “writerly” a word? It should be.)

May and June and July focused on writing occasional poems for live audiences. These months offered guidance for rocking that Live Mic experience. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the patriotic Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day occasioned several close analyses of poems written for specific occasions.

The analyses focus on major poets like Judith Viorst (Mother’s Day), Robert Haydn (Father’s Day), and Walt Whitman, Waldo Emerson, John MacRae, Rupert Brooke, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Wilfred Owens (patriotic days).

In August, occasional poems are cast aside to look at influences that help poets execute their concept.

Aug. 5 compared the Eagles’ rock hit “Hotel California” to Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna”.

Aug. 15 revealed Edna St. Vincent Millay’s crafting of “First Fig”.

Aug. 25 examined how Millay and Robert Frost used Aristotle’s Three Unities of time / place / action to develop several poems.

In September, we start drilling down into poetic devices.

Join us on the 5ths (5th / 15th / 25th) for the continuation of our year-long lessons in improving your poetic craft. 

This link will carry you to the August 25 blog. Work backwards from there.

Happy writing!

The first book in the Fae Mark’d Wizard series, Weave a Wizardry Web, published on this day three years ago.

What’s a Fae Mark? That’s an interesting question.

More books in the Fae Mark’d World are coming later this year.

Find Fae Mark’d Wizard 1 here.