Back in 2018, after revising and expanding my first non-fiction book, Think like a Pro for writers, the genius idea for a writer’s daily planner struck … and I followed that creative spark to fruition with

the Think/Pro Planner for Writers.

Why should you get yours today? Well . . .

Right side of the Weekly Spread

How about a daily tracker for words?

A quick record for maintaining the daily habits necessary for daily brain health?

Inspirational Quotations for each Week?

Project Planning for the Week with a Progress Tracker?

Reviews followed by Previews for Monthly Success? And Seasonal Success?

A brief Yearly Preview along with an in-depth Yearly Review?

Notes pages front and back for quick reference?

A size large enough to record the daily necessaries? A size large enough to stand out against those binders on your crowded bookshelf?

Covers that match the original Think like a Pro guidebook that started it all? And covers that look good on the desk?

Only $15.00.

  • That’s $1.25 a month.
  • Or 27 cents per week.
  • Or 4 cents for each day of a solid year.
  • & the T/P Planner stretches beyond a single year by about a month! Free days!

Here’s the best part of all ~ Undated so you can start and stop at will.

Start now / start with the first of the month / start seasonally.
More than 52 weeks in a two-page spread across the 8 x 10 size.
This planner won’t get lost on the desk.
This planner will sit out as a daily invitation to “Come and write”.

Think / Pro is THE PLANNER for every working writer, newbie, gonnabee, and total pro.

Find the guiding lamp edition at the link below. Use this link for the floral edition.


On this day, two years ago, Think like a Pro published

2 covers to choose from: beautiful flowers or the guiding lamp

This is the revised and drastically expanded version, based on a series of seven blogs from 2016, the year after beginning my epic writing journey.

7 Lessons to help newbie writers transform into a pro writer:

1] the #1 lesson for success

2] a mantra to keep bum in chair

3] choosing a plot

4] essentials for characters

5] conquering writer’s block

6] sparking creativity

7] healthy habits for projects, for yourself, and for the money you earn (including tax tips for writers)

Time to change Seize the Day into Seize the Dream.

Available in two editions: the guiding lamp (link below) and the floral (link here), both in ebook and paperback.