What’s after Halloween?

The great HORROR.

National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo.

That sounds like a monster, doesn’t it?

  • Succeed with the Number 1 indicator of writing success: Daily Word Count Tracking. Use the *Think/Pro* planner.
  • Getting stumped? Consult *Discovering Your Novel*, everything you need to know, from idea generation and story foundations to publication and promotions.
  • Stumbling over the basics? Use the 7 lessons every professional writer knows, in *Think like a Pro*.
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How do readers find the books they love?

That’s easy. Cover art.

In a bookstore, staring at 1000s of books, how do readers remember that book they finished a month ago? How do they find that writer again? And how do they know that book is written by the same writer that they enjoyed last month?

Because it’s repeat customers that make writers successful.

Answer? That’s easy. Cover art.

Yes, cover art answers both questions. And M.A. Lee discusses cover art as a Branding technique in her newest release Discovering Your Author Brand.

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2015 October 21. That’s the anniversary date for the publication of the first three books by M.A. Lee, the Game set.

View the trailers through these links.

Game of Secrets trailer

Game of Spies trailer

Watch the Game of Hearts trailer.


Just released: Discovering Your Author Brand

Did you know that getting a reader to buy your book depends on three glances?  And we’re talking nanoseconds for that first glance.

DyAB is packed with explanations and examples, worksheets and patterns to help new writers brand their books, their series, and their author personas.

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