Over at Writers Ink Services, we’re two more blogs into the Start Writing series, 13 bits of advice to help people start writing that book they’ve always dreamed of.

The second set of blogs focus on the twisty conflicts that keep people reading.

Those sneaky antagonists

Those shifty surprises

If you want to start writing your first book, you need to look for advice and guidance in M.A. Lee’s Discovering series.

The first writing craft book, published in the Spring of this year, is Discovering Your Novel, designed as a weekly journey from original idea to book-in-hand.

More help is coming in the Discovering series, with Discovering Characters (just published) and Discovering Your Plot. To improve your words on the page, you will want to investigate Discovering Sentence Craft. And most newbie writers have difficulty deciding on their public writing persona. Check out Discovering Your Author Brand to help with these decisions. All books coming soon!

If you struggle with maintaining your focus on writing, you need to change from thinking like a hobby writer and begin thinking like a pro writer. Think like a Pro gives you the seven lessons needed to change your perspective on your writing goals.

The Big Push known as National Novel Writing Month–NaNoWriMo–occurs every year in November. Are you ready? Start tracking your daily word counts and your projects with the Think/

Get your own copy. Highlight. Use sticky notes. Write marginalia. 😉

Pro planner for writers. 

Versions are available in the guiding lamp and the floral editions.

The undated weekly planner to guide your writer’s transformation from hobbyist to professional