I love MS Word.

This love comes out because I just endured several days of Mac people bashing MS / pc people as if the Apple world is divine. [I’m writing this blog in late June. I had a couple of spare minutes; thought I’d share 😉 Then I thought I’d just put the rant up. Here ya go! ]

Apple world is good. Sometimes it’s even great. Divine? Nyah.
Try 25 years with MS Word.
First “computer” I ever used for word processing had DOS. Remember DOS? DIR to find your files. C: and the blinking cursor on a black screen. Yeah. Those days.

Then came Windows! And the world never looked back.

I’ve used MS Word about 25 years and changed as it changed. Mac, didn’t love so much in the early days. Once I shifted to pc, I never returned to Mac (except for the iPhone, which I hate for its planned obsolescence [which intuitive spelling keeps changing to “insolence”—is that telling me something?] and box-tight control of what it wants me to do.)
Over the years with Microsoft and other electronic devices I learned to avoid the shiny new and wait for later iterations. I avoided Vista and all of its crashes. Since I had to buy a new system around `10, I jumped past that issue. Not having Vista on the system prevented the crashes that most people had with it that continued to 8.
I also learned, from watching people trying to bring work from home, using a home software program that wasn’t compatible with the work software programs as well as listening to people complain, that anything labeled “Home” wasn’t worth the price. I’ve purchased professional- or work-level software from that point.

You get what you pay for. 

Last year, with all the viruses and malware and ransom ware and more that was going on, I took a hard look at keeping my security and programs updated. That’s the primary reason that I subscribed to Windows Office 365. I didn’t want the constant hassle.
I’m not a lover of any big corporate entity. I hate monopolies. I hate algorithms that try to shove me into one box when I’ve got fingers in 10 different ones and toes into a few others. But MS treats its products and customers professionally, and that’s what I want. (And I certainly don’t want any entity adding things I didn’t ask for—the way Apple added that U2 album without my permission to iTunes on my computer.) 
I can make Word and PowerPoint do pretty much everything I ask them to do. It’s easy to flip between the programs using the task bar at the bottom of the screen. I lust after those widescreen monitors that allow two screens (3! even) to be open at once. But I’m too thrifty to add the monitor when my magnified glasses and laptop work fine 
Remember Windows Loved that program. Loved the mouse interface that beat keyboard commands (CTRL + C). Loved the advent of WYSIWYG printers (what you see is what you get).

Change is always happening. Who said that? Herodotus?

Okay. Rant over. Only it’s more like the homily for the day. 🙂