The first book in Edie Roones’ epic fantasy Summer Sieges has its anniversary of publication today. It’s also the first book published by Writers Ink Books, and it has a special place in our hearts for leading the way to indie publishing.

I started writing Summer Sieges way back in the 1980s. I had realized the first book that I had written (which eventually became the second book in the Sansward quarternary and transformed through many title iterations to become Autumn Spells) wasn’t the start of the Sansward story, so I backed up and launched with a story of a swordswoman and a man enchanted in the shape of a wolf, trapped for centuries, and both of them have to fight Gitane Witches and the troops of the Overlord Summa.

Summer Sieges began as Castlewarder, became White Sword, Red Death and finally became SSieges when I decided to launch into indie publishing.

I had hoped that updating the book would be merely correcting a few things. Nope. It wasn’t a massive overhaul (the way the third book in the quarternary Winter Sorcery had to be gutted and rewritten and revised and re-considered). I decided to use it as the test for indie publishing while I finished up the third book for the M.A. Lee pseudonym of Regency mysteries with a dash of romance (The Game books: Game of Secrets, Game of Spies, and Game of Hearts).

I started working on it as soon as the teaching year ended. June. July. August. And today, August 30, is its birthday.

I still love this story. Love the start. Love the fight scenes. Love the connection between Beren and Storr. Love so much about this book. Love the ending.

I’d like to come back to Beren and Storr. They keep swirling up opportunities for sequels. I’ve got other books committed, though, so they will have to wait. And simmer. And stew.

As for now, here’s how to get it:


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