Plot It:  Plotter vs. Pantster

Should I or shouldn’t I?  Plot, I mean.  Here’s the question every writer struggles with.

Should I plot this sucker?  Or should I follow where the idea leads me?

Should I just launch into writing and see where it takes me?

Or should I plot out every scene and sequel, checking all the boxes?

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The Best Plot Method

When plot methods abound, how do newbie writers know what the best plot method is?

How do newbie writers learn anything?

Drill and practice?  The first million words are simply to be thrown away?  Surely not.

To transform from hobby writer to professional writer, we have to teach ourselves.  We have to learn so many things.  Learning the best plot method for novels is just one step in the process.

Here are the three big questions that newbies ask ~

How do we transform ourselves from hobbyist to professional?  How do we change the mindset that our writing is for escape or entertainment?  If our goal is professional writer, how do we become a disciplined Pro?  

In our long “Winter of Discontent” with our writing, we need to follow the example of the crocus:  emerging from frozen snow to new life.

To help newbie writers achieve that goal, New Advent for Writers: Think like a Pro presents seven lessons as a guide for this transformation.  Like a two-hour seminar, these lessons will seem easy, but the practical application takes focus, persistence, and clear thinking.

Chapter 1 covers deadlines (One Scary Word).

The second chapter presents the importance of daily writing.  Leo Tolstoy kept this motto on his desk: Nulla dies sine linea.  This One Latin Phrase means “no days without lines (writing)”.

Chapter 3 examines the models or patterns that every writer depends upon (One Guiding Decision) while Chapter 4 reminds us to learn from those who’ve gone before (One Ancient Greek).

In Chapter 5, entitled One Simple Injunction, the authors preach the great heresy of no excuses.

Chapter 6 (One Slice of Advice) explores how creativity can be sparked.

Chapter 7 discusses determination and resolutions.

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Following hard on the heels of the recent attempt by an author to snare exclusive rights to the common, everyday word “cocky” comes the news that embezzlement of writers’ earnings has occurred at a well-respected literary agency.

The writer of Fight Club has been swindled along with many other writers.  The bookkeeper stole $3.4 million dollars.  MILLION.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has blogged her warnings about literary agencies multiple times.  Read her thoughts here.