Black Saturday
What is happening in that tomb behind the heavy stone not yet to be rolled away?

The key to Holy Saturday?  The church is bare, the altar blackened, all hope entombed with Christ.

Black Saturday is the vigil before Easter’s Resurrection.  After the Crucifixion, the black veil is removed from the altar cross, for Christ is brought down from the 300-pound cross that the Sanhedrin and the Romans intended to be His failure.

They didn’t know the key, though.

The Crucifixion and the Tomb are the beginning of His triumph.

Christ holds three keys:  the key to Heaven (Matthew 16:19) and the keys to Hell and Death (Revelation 1:18).  On Black Saturday, Christ descended into Hell in what is often called “Harrowing of Hell”.

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Why is Good Friday “Good”?

Good Friday is all about Saying “No” to Opportunities.

We say “No” to more and more opportunities every day.

Whether those opportunities are for our spiritual well-being or for our intellectual & physical improvement, we just say “No”.

But should we?

The Sanhedrin Court said “No” to Christ because He was not what they expected the Messiah would be.

Pontius Pilate said “No” to Christ because he didn’t want to go against the crowd.

How many times do we say “No” to Christ-given opportunities because they demand too much of a sacrifice?

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Maundy Thursday

“Maundy” is such an odd word.

Maundy comes down to us from the Middle Ages, entering English in the old French form of mandé, which leads back to Latin and mandatum, meaning command, order.

The mandatum comes from Jesus’ words to his disciples.

The meeting in the Upper Room began with a shocking event for the disciples.

They have followed Jesus of Nazareth–which some acknowledge as the Messiah–for three years: astonished by His miracles, listening to His lessons, and gifted by Him with the powers of healing and casting out demons.

Yet more astonishing events await them.

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Holy Wednesday is often called Spy Wednesday.

Spy Wednesday sounds like a cool name with more going on than simply Holy Wednesday.

Holy Wednesday is given the “Spy” to remind us of the horrible conspiracy that began on this day:  Judas Iscariot and the high priests negotiated a deal in which Judas would betray Christ Jesus, who would then be brought before the Sanhedrin Court, an assembly of rabbis.

That means SPY Wednesday is not cool.

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Image result for st simons christ church
Christ Church, St. Simon’s Isle, empty until Sunday

What more do we need to do for God?

How many times have we said we want more time with God? 

Instead, we put Him in a neat little container, tucked away, with a bit of brightness, brought out only when we need him.

“I give Him this and this and this.  He’s blessed me with so much.  Now I’m going off to do my thing.  Six days of the week, my time. 

“There He is, over there.  See Him?  He’s for Sunday.”

No.  No, no, no.  He’s for every day.

Because we can never predict when we will need Him.  Because the truth is, we need Him every day.

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