Here’s a first look at the Teatime version of the 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle planner.

21 days to break a habit.

66 days to make a habit.

I’ve always envied the English their afternoon tea.

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It’s not the tea and the biscuits (cookies in American) and savory little sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

No, it’s the “institution” of a quiet break before we must re-gird ourselves for the remains of the day.

The Spanish have their siesta, another wise institution, especially in hotter climates.

But afternoon tea draws me in.

Some might liken this afternoon break to stopping at the local bar before heading home.  I don’t think so.  Stopping at the local is only grabbing something before heading off to consider the day done and over.

Teatime is not really the end of the day.  We still have a couple of hours of work still to do.  Tea–or coffee if that’s your preference–keeps us perfectly sober, in our selves and the world but stepped back a little.  Our bodies have time to relax; our minds have time to de-stress; our hearts, time to consider those around us, and our souls, time for quiet contemplation.

What more can we want?  A method to keep us on track.  To check our progress.  To remember all the parts of ourselves with the rapid pace of the world is clawing us into tattery shreds.

66 days to make a habit of quiet contemplation, to keep us de-stressed, to help us be considerate, and to relax before we tackle the last push of the day.

2 * 0 * 4 is designed for these 66 days.

Divided into 6-week and seasonal increments for re-setting your goals and activities.  An undated weekly layout so you can start anytime.  If life interferes, you can pick back up where you left off.

And a beautiful cover celebrating teatime, to remind you that a daily spark will save you from the mud of life.

Get your gratitude on.

13 Ways to Spark Creativity

Tilt your head sideways ~ 1.

This means to think unconventionally.  Look for unusual connections.

Play a game to find different ways to match up things that aren’t normally match-able.  Ink becomes tattoos become hieroglyphs becomes spiderwebs.

Another form of this is to transform the use of a common object.  For example, turn a brick into a bird feeder or a pencil holder or a kitchen trivet for a hot pot.

Mind Maps and Free-writing ~ 2.

Both processes follow where the brain leads.  Do both with pen/cil and paper, not on computer.  Using the hand awakens the brain.  Drs. Carrie and Arron Barron discuss this in their book The Creativity Cure.

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Scary October needs a scary witch, and the fantasy Autumn Spells by Edie Roones offers us Neehla.

Eager to re-embody herself in a younger woman, Neehla builds her sorcerous spell.


In this life her name was Neehla.  Over many lives, she had lost some things, gained others.  Through them all, her sorcery remained tangible evil, woven from the elemental air and the incense of her spells.

Her fingers flew across the loom, weaving a snare for the unwary.  She snatched a spiral of smoke from the air and twisted it deftly before joining the sorcered strand to the thread on the shuttle.  As it shot across the warp threads on the loom, the gray smoke deepened, becoming as darkly hued as the power that shaped it.

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