A New Year’s Card from the early 1900s.


Time for the New Year’s Resolutions for Writers.

Do you have your yearly projects listed?

How many?

How long will each take?

To determine how long a project will take, determine the length of the project by word count. 

  1. Track the number of words that you need for each project. 
  2. Divide that into number of days:  do you have a do-able daily list or do you need to devote more days? 
  3. Then match the number of days to the amount of time for the year.
  4. These create your quarterly (seasonal) goals.
  5. Have you decided what the monthly focus will be x 12?
  6. And have you broken the focus into weekly plans?

Now you’ve got a plan.

Don’t forget to consider research time.  And outlining / sketching / collaging or whatever you do to get the creativity flowing about characters and plot.

You’ll need time for revisions and enhancements as well as time for editing and correcting.

No one ever said writing was easy BTW.  Did you think it was?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Don’t be.  Hard jobs lead to great rewards, intangible and tangible.

Writers Ink Services is posting an inspirational blog appropriate for the Resolution Season.

You can find it here: Click to read.

From all of us here at Writers Ink Books:  Best wishes for the Season!

Happy continuation of the Holidays–all the way to Epiphany, and have a wonderful start to the New Year.