Nulla dies sine Linea. ~~ Leo Tolstoy

No days without lines.

It would take “nulla dies sine linea” to write the massive War and Peace, wouldn’t it?

This little phrase is key.

And it is extremely hard to do.  Life interferes so easily.

Yet we need to make this our mantra: Nulla dies sine linea.  Nulla dies sine linea.  Nulla dies sine linea.  And then we must follow-thru with the action of those words.


That needs to be a shout.  We don’t need to accept any excuses.  This is a profession.  Treat it like one.  WRITE EVERYDAY.  Nulla dies sine linea.

Look, we have to treat writing like the job it is.  It’s not our hobby.  We let other people think it’s our hobby.  After all, we’re at home.

Look at the ways we let them interrupt us:

The continuation of this original blog post from  10 November 2016 can be found in the publication Think Like a Writer: 7 Tips to Change a Hobby to a Profession, by M. A. Lee.

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