M. A. Lee shares her struggles ~ 

I’m running far behind deadline on the Hearts in Hazard series.

Last year, I should have put out three HnH books:  The Key to Secrets and The Key for Spies made it to press.

The Key with Hearts is my current struggle.  Too many commitments that drag me away from the story.  Too many distractions that make it too easy to walk away when I do have time.

The story’s coming, though, and I love how it’s developing.

I plan my novels.  Then, when I write, I usually wind up gutting most of the plan and just following where the story leads.  That’s happening now.  It’s a joy–but also a struggle.

I could fall back on the plan, but I don’t think that would develop into the best book.

And we want the best book possible, don’t we?

For now, here’s the cover image.  It’s Grenville brooding in the maze of his great house.  My guiding mantra for this book:  A convenient marriage inconveniently causes murder.

The cover is by the wonderful people at Deranged Doctor Design.  I said “maze” and “big house” and “murder” and picked a cover model, and they delivered, as always, a fantastic cover design.

I have four more books for this year:  the last three in the Hearts in Hazard series, 12 full novels, all loosely connected to each other–after all, it’s a small world that we live in.  And the third Into Death mystery with Isabella Newcombe Tarrant, Portrait into Death.

I’ll have to wait and see how successful I am at putting out four more books in a year–five total.


 Here we are, the second day of the year.  How are those resolutions coming?

Got the exercise in?  Check!

Got the budget set?  Check!

Resolved to get along with uour co-workers and your boss?  Check!  Brought doughnuts!

How about your dreams?  Did you take those into consideration when you were making your resolutions?

If you have a major dream about becoming a professional writer–and you have no

2 covers to choose from: beautiful flowers or the guiding lamp

trouble getting starting with a story, then we can guide you to a book designed to help you become the pro you dream of.

Think like a Pro is all about–well, thinking like a professional writer.

Seven lessons guide you through the process.  Try this link for more information.

And for a weekly planner to help you stay on track, track your word count, and count your progress, this link offers the Think/Pro planner for writers.

Think/Pro with your writing.  Eventually, you’ll be PRO.

And no, it’s not too late.  It’s never too late.  Just start.  And every time you think of it, start again.

That’s the beauty of the planner.  It reminds you to think of your dreams.

~ M. A. Lee



Writers have to juggle many balls to keep everything going.

I’m not just talking about keeping in mind characters and plot and setting and themes and future cover design as we’re typing away.

As well as marketing and promotions, ad buying and organic reach on twitter and facebook.

And keeping up with the distractions from those we love while keeping up with our day jobs so we can pay the bills and a host of other time-suckers.

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Best Gift Ever!

This holiday season, consider giving yourself the best gift ever.

public domain
Ink your way to your Dream.

No, not diamonds.  Not a car with a big red bow.  Although those commercials are nice.

Not even a gift that can be placed under the tree and then unwrapped.

What would be the best present you could ever give to yourself?

How about this?  Fulfillment of a long-time dream.

If your long-time dream was becoming a published writer, that’s a wish you can fulfill.


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In our last blog, on 13 Sparks for Creativity, I talked about the right brain needing time for free-flow thought.  To give that right brain the time that it needs, you need to keep your left brain engaged in other tasks.

The whole purpose is to let your finished project have some “sleep” so you return to it refreshed, creativity ready to be sparked

Remember, there’s a difference between a finished project and a completed one.  We can’t complete a project unless it has had its winter sleep.

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