Best Gift Ever!

This holiday season, consider giving yourself the best gift ever.

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Ink your way to your Dream.

No, not diamonds.  Not a car with a big red bow.  Although those commercials are nice.

Not even a gift that can be placed under the tree and then unwrapped.

What would be the best present you could ever give to yourself?

How about this?  Fulfillment of a long-time dream.

If your long-time dream was becoming a published writer, that’s a wish you can fulfill.


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In our last blog, on 13 Sparks for Creativity, I talked about the right brain needing time for free-flow thought.  To give that right brain the time that it needs, you need to keep your left brain engaged in other tasks.

The whole purpose is to let your finished project have some “sleep” so you return to it refreshed, creativity ready to be sparked

Remember, there’s a difference between a finished project and a completed one.  We can’t complete a project unless it has had its winter sleep.

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13 Ways to Spark Creativity

Tilt your head sideways ~ 1.

This means to think unconventionally.  Look for unusual connections.

Play a game to find different ways to match up things that aren’t normally match-able.  Ink becomes tattoos become hieroglyphs becomes spiderwebs.

Another form of this is to transform the use of a common object.  For example, turn a brick into a bird feeder or a pencil holder or a kitchen trivet for a hot pot.

Mind Maps and Free-writing ~ 2.

Both processes follow where the brain leads.  Do both with pen/cil and paper, not on computer.  Using the hand awakens the brain.  Drs. Carrie and Arron Barron discuss this in their book The Creativity Cure.

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Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Yes, it sounds like heresy.  It must be wrong.  Everyone talks about Writer’s Block.

I’m preaching that Writer’s Block doesn’t exist.

Instead, if you’re in a writing slump, you have one of three distinct problems.

And I’ve got some solutions.

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