Books to Read, Writers to Love

Writer Edie Roones is chattering about the master storyteller Mary Stewart and the importance of re-reading books by favorite authors.

She re-reads a Stewart every year.

This year, she’s on her fifth reading of a beloved book by Stewart.

It’s Nine Coaches Waiting

Read her blog here. (And take a look at three completely different covers for this bestselling books.)

This is not an affiliate link.  I get no money for telling you that this is a great book.  It just is.

The Start of Stewart’s great Merlin trilogy–and the Arthurian quaternary.

Mix historical fact on the Romans in Britain, the Celts, the invasion of the Angles and Saxons, with the myth of Merlin and Arthur, and a great story-teller’s personal spin on the legend, and you have one of the best books ever.