Here we are, the second day of the year.  How are those resolutions coming?

Got the exercise in?  Check!

Got the budget set?  Check!

Resolved to get along with uour co-workers and your boss?  Check!  Brought doughnuts!

How about your dreams?  Did you take those into consideration when you were making your resolutions?

If you have a major dream about becoming a professional writer–and you have no

2 covers to choose from: beautiful flowers or the guiding lamp

trouble getting starting with a story, then we can guide you to a book designed to help you become the pro you dream of.

Think like a Pro is all about–well, thinking like a professional writer.

Seven lessons guide you through the process.  Try this link for more information.

And for a weekly planner to help you stay on track, track your word count, and count your progress, this link offers the Think/Pro planner for writers.

Think/Pro with your writing.  Eventually, you’ll be PRO.

And no, it’s not too late.  It’s never too late.  Just start.  And every time you think of it, start again.

That’s the beauty of the planner.  It reminds you to think of your dreams.

~ M. A. Lee


3 Bits of Advice

As we come into the Autumn, my thoughts always turn to the next year.

Earlier this year, I published Think like a Pro, 7 lessons that helped me turn from a hobby writer into a professional writer.

While I won’t repeat some of those lessons, I do want to give 3 bits of advice and one HUGE acknowledgement.

Advice 1 ~

For writers, for anyone pursuing the dream that’s haunting you, “Never stop.” 

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Never stop writing.  Get to the end.  And continue.

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“Into the Labyrinth” is Remi Black’s story of her passage to publication.  She offers it as advice for new writers just beginning their journey.

I have written stories all my life.  I enjoy opening the great door into the unknown of story, each step lighting a path that once was only darkness.

Writers pick up bits of string, tie them together, wind them into a great ball, and

19876843 Item Purchase Code: 9def5965-1789-4b3f-a26e-3f3b8e6b54f5

then enter the labyrinth of story, hoping to defeat the monster before it eats them.

Several, several years ago, after I had written a few manuscripts, growing as a writer with each one, I penned Dream a Deadly Dream.

I thought Dream/Deadly would be my break-out novel.  I said to myself, “Here’s a story with intriguing characters and a twisty plot and a catchy title.  This is the book.  This is the first book that will be published by the official big publishing houses.”

I sent out the original manuscript with great hopes.

And it bounced back, usually with a “nice” rejection letter attached.

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