My goodness!  The train just keeps wrecking.

Romance Writers of America is now involved.  Amazon, as RWA’s request, is no longer removing books and reviews that were purported to be in violation of trademark (which is impossible, since a single word cannot be trademarked). 

Here’s more on the train wreck in progress.

Victoria Strauss on SFWA’s Writers Beware blog is “Weighing In”:

From Mark Whipple’s Legal Inspiration blog:

Romance Author Gets Unduly Cocky Over Registered Trademark

And Sasha White gives us 18 minutes that are well worth watching:


If you haven’t heard the c*ck-up about trademarking a word (which can’t be done, unless the word is used in a non-usual sense, like Apple Computers), then here’s a brief summary, courtesy of Courtney Milan’s twitter stream.

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More on Plot as the One Guiding Decision
A Continuation of the Previous Blog — which was shorter 😉 .

Detailed Look at the 7 Types of Plot

The title of this chapter in Think like a Pro is “One Guiding Decision :: Plot It”, and plot is truly the guiding decision for any writing.

While many plot structures abound (and several are discussed later in the Think/Pro chapter), it is the 7 Plot Types that will give the KEY that every writer needs to use to unlock story.

That KEY is coming, I promise, but first let’s look at the three required elements for each of the 7 Plot Types.

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Think / Pro:  One Guiding Decision :: Plot It

Pick a Plot

the Key to ANY Story

*The Plot Types will take two blogs. (Sorry.  Not.)  Come back on the 10th for the finish line of this post.

Buying Story

Image result for image house under construction: from ABC News 2013
Building under Construction: Foundation is hidden under the concrete blocks that are the base of the walls.

Plot is the foundation of all story.

ALL story.

The key to any construction job is the foundation.  People buy houses based on the square footage they need and the look of the life they want.  The buyers don’t consider the state of the foundation;  that’s the job of the builder.  And the foundation is buried in the ground, unseen, doing its job without any acclaim or gratitude or blessing.  Without a strong foundation, however, the whole structure will fall apart.

So it goes with story. 

People may love the characters and chatter excitedly about events and the genre tropes, but everything—EVERYTHING—in that story will fall apart if the foundation is not solid.  Should story-tellers neglect plot, the story suffers, and not even the most wonderful characters and stupendous events and twisty tropes can rescue it.

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